How many a man to live?. (1987)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Ritchenkov V.

Script writers: Skorospeshkin A.

Operators: Nikeljberg L.

Text writers: Mendzherickij I.


The film is dedicated to the phenomenon of longevity. Centenarians talk about how to live a long life, to preserve the health and mental clarity.

Social life

Reel №1

Ensemble centenarians Abkhazia stands in the meadow.

Flowering apple tree.

Alpine flowers.

River in the mountains.

Members of the ensemble sing and clap their hands.

Men perform folk dances.

Aerial view of the farmhouse.

Herd of horses in the meadow.

Exhibition of photographs by residents of Abkhazia.

People talk at the exhibition.

Meeting veterans.

A man sits on a horse and wears a burqa.

Photographer takes a group of people dressed in national costumes.

Veterans greet each other.


Abkhazian Council of Elders of the village at the table under the old tree.

Young people come to the elders for advice.

Long Kadir Sergushov.

Long Poitiers Kutsnie told reporters.


Poitou pours into the bag cornmeal.

Girl bag support.

Poitou working in the garden with a hoe.

Pruning trees.

Poitou throws branches on the fire under the pot.

Long Agraby broads with a great-grandson on a horse.

Broads is the plow.

Men sawing wood.

Broads adds corn in the basket.

Laying bricks in a pile.

Broads take the log-harvesting and hewing ax.

Broads with a great-grandson of a horse.

Key words



Arinchin NI - Doctor of Biological Sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian SSR. IE Selivanov - Artist. Corners FG - Surgeon, writer and public figure, member of Academy of Medical Sciences. GS Ulanova - Dancer, teacher, People's Artist of the USSR.




Summer [824]

Traditions and customs; Holidays

Reel №2

F.G.Uglov wash their hands before surgery.

Surgeons preparing to operate.

There is an operation. F.G.Uglov with colleagues at the bedside view X-rays.

Books F.G.Uglova.

A fragment of an interview with F.G.Uglovym. F.G.Uglov skiing. F.G.Uglov cleans snow from the tracks. F.G.Uglov soared in the bath.

A fragment of an interview with F.G.Uglovym drinking tea in the bath.

The cup is poured hot water from the samovar.

The stove is a fire. N.I.Arinchin gets up from the table, takes off robe, puts down a chair, sits down on a chair without a back and shows fragment of his set of exercises.

The subjects on exercise bikes.

Doctors connect people to the equipment.

A fragment of an interview with N.I.Arinchinym.

Doctor fixes sensors on the man's chest.

Schedule in the ECG. The patient made an electrocardiogram.

The signals on the monitor.

Man pedaling the bike.

The doctor monitors the instrument readings on schedule.

Study participants perform exercises under the supervision of doctors.

School sports hall.

Rope ladder.

Volleyball basket.


Volleyball on the windowsill.

Students are engaged in physical activity. N.I.Arinchin doing gymnastics in the office.

Key words

Healthy lifestyle


Arinchin NI - Doctor of Biological Sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian SSR. Corners FG - Surgeon, writer and public figure, member of Academy of Medical Sciences.


Leningrad [848] Belarus [845]


Winter [823]

Medicine; Health; Sport

Reel №3

Paintings I.E.Selivanova interspersed with fragments of interviews. I.E.Selivanov draws.

The cat on the floor.

Pictures. I.E.Selivanov at work. M.M.Kotlyarov.

Warm-up for the legs.

M.M.Kotlyarov says, without interrupting the workout.

Bookshelves. M.M.Kotlyarov with dumbbells. M.M.Koltyarov runs in the park in winter.

Ducks in the polynya.

Bathing in the hole.

Odessa New Year's marathon.

People run through the streets with torches.

Dance around the monument to the city founder Duke de Richelieu.

Applause ensemble members centenarians Abkhazia alternate with shots of characters in the film.

M.M.Kotlyarov in the hole. F.G.Uglov washes his hands. I.E.Selivanov at work.

Poitou Kutsnie cuts tangerine tree.

Broads Agraby a great-grandson of a horse.


IE Selivanov - Artist. Kotliarov MM - A miner and journalist, athlete, marathoner.


Siberia [926] Moscow [820] Odessa [960]


Winter [823]

Holidays; Sport; Artists