Stay of the Parliamentary Delegation of Ceylon in the USSR.. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Semenova M.

Operators: Grek A., Epifanov G., Kiselev S., Savin A.

Text writers: Gorokhov V.


A trip to the USSR and the City of parliamentarians from Ceylon.

Historical background

From 19 April to 10 May 1957 in the Soviet Union stayed two groups of the parliamentary delegation of Ceylon.

Temporary description

Tajikistan, Stalinabad. Visit of M. Rakhmatova, visit Stalinabad textile mill, the Library of Ferdowsi, the Lenin collective farm, collective farm school. Uzbekistan. Visit of Jalilov, sightseeing, the Tashkent, visiting farm "Kzyl Uzbekistan." Moscow. Reception in the Kremlin OV Kuusinen, PP Lobanov AI Mikoyan. Sightseeing tour of the Kremlin, visiting MSU Opera Bolshoi Theatre "Prince Igor." Delegations present at the session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, on the May Day demonstration on Red Square. Azerbaijan, Mr. Baku. Members of the delegation at a reception at MA Ibragimov, during a visit to New Baku Oil Refinery. Georgia, Mr. Tbilisi. Receiving the delegation Gubidze, visiting a metallurgical plant in Rustavi, tea plantations, visit health centers on the Caucasian coast of the Black Sea. Latvia, Riga. Delegation at a reception at KM Ozolina, in the workshop of the Riga Radio Works "WEF". Belarus, Mr. Minsk. Visit of Vladimir Kozlov, visiting Minsk Automobile Plant. City of Leningrad. Visiting delegation Smolny Palace of Pioneers, the Russian Museum. Seeing delegation at home at the Vnukovo airport, the Moscow.

Reel №1

The meeting of the first group of the delegation to the Stalinabad airfield.

General view (PNRM. top) and street Stalinabad.

Delegates from Ceylon at a reception at the chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Tajik SSR Rakhmatova.

Visiting delegation Stalinabad textile mill, that's why Fidrousi libraries, medical school, the mosque, the Lenin collective farm.

Meeting at the airport of the second group of the delegation.

As a member of the Supreme Council of the Presidium Jalilov talks with visiting parliamentarians.

Guests visiting the city.



Guests of the pioneers of the workers.

Guests on the farm "Kzyl Uzbekistan": examine the barn, the holiday table.

Delegates on the plane bound for Moscow.

Delegation met at Vnukovo airport.

Atmosphere - Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the USSR Kuusinen, Secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Georgadze.

MPs welcome Ceylon Chairman of the Soviet Union Supreme Soviet deputy Lobanov and the Council of Nationalities Komarov.

Reel №2

Guests visiting the Kremlin.


Archangel Cathedral.

Tsar Bell.

Tsar Cannon.

Office and Apartment VI Lenin.

Delegates to lay a wreath at the mausoleum of Lenin and Stalin.

Guests on the construction of the South-West region.

Guests at MSU talking to University Rector Academician Petrovsky.

Delegates at the Central Lenin Stadium at the sports festival at the opening of the summer season.

Delegates at the Bolshoi Theatre on Borodin's opera "Prince Igor."

Polovtsian Dances (synchronously).

The general view and the streets of Baku (top).

Group Ceylon offers talks with Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan Ibragimov.

Visiting delegation Novobakinskogo oilfield and refinery.

Delegates at the park named after Kirov.

The general view and the streets of Tbilisi.

Delegates at the reception of the chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Georgian SSR Chubinidze, the streets of Tbilisi.

General view of the street and Rustavi.

Delegates at the Rustavi Metallurgical Plant.

Delegates at the tea plantation farm named after Lenin.

Reel №3

General view of Sochi.

Delegates visiting one of the resorts of the resort town, riding on a motorboat.

Another group of guests on the streets of Riga, on the Baltic Sea.

General view of Riga.

Visits in the Supreme Soviet of the Latvian SSR.

Talking with delegates Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic Ozolin.

Visiting guests factory "WEF".

Guests in the shop radios.

General view of Minsk.

Streets and buildings of the city.

Delegates at a reception in the Supreme Soviet of the Byelorussian SSR from the chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Kozlov.

The delegates in the workshops of the Minsk Automobile Plant.

May Day demonstration in Red Square.

Delegates of Ceylon in the stands.

Neva embankment.

Plans Leningrad.

Delegates to the streets.

The delegates in the House of Pioneers.

Children handed guests gifts, ties, dancing with guests.

Visits in the Russian Museum.

Delegates at the pictures.

General view of the building of the Russian Museum.

General view of the Kremlin, the building of the Supreme Council.

Ceylon parliamentarians present at the next session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (7th).

The session was the Head of delegation Sen.

Vidzhesinghe (synchronously).

Visit of the Ceylon Parliament first deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR AI Mikoyan.

Seeing delegation home.

Among the mourners - Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the USSR Kuusinen.