Science and technology № 10 (1988)

Newsreel №48986, 1 part, duration: 0:09:54
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:V.Man, G.Chubakova
Screenwriters:Krilovskij V., Podgajc S.
Camera operators:L.Kaplunov, K.Kasumov, E.Oljshanskaya



3. "A new construction of molecules" On the use of carboxylic acids in the national economy. 4. "The Second Birth" On the Restoration of Daguerreotypes.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


PNRM. brands of children's, women's and men's shoes.

Moscow Technological Institute of Light Industry, students and teachers at the institute created in CAD systems (CAD).

System action projects shoe models on the screen.

Teacher Institute program records on the tape.

Moscow factory "Zarya", workshop cutting, automatic cutting works.

Assembly shop.

Plot 2. RIDDLE salutary reflection.

Summer, people on the streets of Moscow.

Gymnast performs with the ball.

Kittens on the branches of a tree.

Seagull flying in the sky.

Frog in water.

Beetle burrows in the sand.

Herd of horses in the corral.

Cancer water.

Institute of Evolutionary Physiology Sechenov, the staff in the laboratory studying brain cells through a microscope.

Motoneuron (the picture is taken through a microscope).

Physiologist draws communication scheme neurons.

Researcher electrode falls into a living cell.

Physiologists studying ways to transmit signals between neurons.

Electron microscope capable fix signaling.

Obtained by means of a microscope image stained motoneurons.

Head of Laboratory Institute N.P.Veselkin talking with colleagues.

Plot 3. CONSTRUCTOR molecules.

Summer, Moscow, traffic on the streets.

Field of sunflowers, - One of the flowers.

Bottle with sunflower oil on the line of one of the plants.

Institute elektroorganicheskih compounds behalf Nesmeyanova USSR Academy of Sciences, experiments with a carboxylic acid in one of the laboratories.

New enamel cylinder, created based on development of the institute.

Checking the quality of new enamel.

Shop for enamel.

PNRM. on samples of different colors of enamel in the laboratory.

4 plot. "Remember AND PERSONS long forgotten ..."

Exhibition on the history of photography, PNRM. on exhibits.

Daguerreotypes with a broken image.

Researcher at the State Historical Museum in the laboratory N.M.Garbar restoration using new methods of dry cleaning returns the image daguerreotypes.

Daguerreotypes after restoration (AIGertsena portraits, his wife, Pauline Viardot, young A.I.Turgeneva).

Key words

Leather and footwear industry.
Chemical and petrochemical industry.
Road transport and road.
Vocational education.
Human Physiology.
Food industry.
Applied Mathematics.
Art photography.

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