Celebration of the 50th Anniversarie of the Soviet Trade Unions in Moscow.. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Veyland B.

Operators: Grek A., Gusev S., Epifanov G., Krylov A., Opryshko P., Chupin I.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.


Solemn Plenum of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions, meetings in working collectives, sports parade.

Temporary description

Solemn plenary session of the All in the Hall of Columns, the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union. Speakers: V. Grishin, General Secretary of the World Federation of Trade Unions L. Saillant, Secretary of the General Confederation of Labour of France G. Monmousseau and others. Sports event and festivities at the Central Lenin Stadium. Athletic parade. Gymnasts perform gymnastic exercises. Gala concert of amateur. Participants of the concert performed dances: "Moldavaneska," "Waltz of youth."

Reel №1


Moscow -

House of Unions.

Participants grand plenum of the All acquainted with the exhibition dedicated to the activity of the Soviet Union.

Exhibits, is the oldest member unions AP Zharov -

Are the Heroes of Socialist Labor Murashev, Khudyakov Gorev and Afonin.

Solemn plenum.

A report delivered by the Chair of the All VV Grishin (synchronously).

The delegation welcomed the participants of the working people of the plenum.

Acts lekalschikom Plant named after Vladimir Ilyich Pimenov.

Plenum welcome the younger generation of the working class.

G. stands Arapova.

Plenum welcome Pioneers.

Speakers: The Secretary General of the World Federation of Trade Unions Louis Saillant., Secretary of the General Confederation of Labour Gaston Monmousseau, Liu Chang-Sheng, Secretary General of the General Confederation of Labour of Cameroon Jacques Ngoma, Secretary of the International Federation of Arab Trade Unions Fahti Kamel etc.

Reads the greeting party plenum of the Central Committee Plenum of the anniversary of the All.

The audience applauded.

The meeting at the factory Likhachev.

Playing Safonov, Mitrokhin.

The meeting at the factory "Tryokhgornaya manufactory".

Playing secretary of the All PN Korobov, weaver Logacheva.

Central Stadium VI Lenin.

Celebrating the milestone anniversary.

Parade athletic teams.

The spectators in the stadium.

Reel №2

Central Stadium.

VI Lenin.

Children relay.

Passes motokolonna athletes Leningrad Kirov Plant.

Athletes go Leningrad factories.

Master of Sports serves B. Sitko (synchronously).

Sports performance.

Central Stadium.

VI Lenin in Luzhniki (evening).

Concert of amateur.

Performers dance groups (synchronous).

Festivities in the streets of Moscow.