First Soviet Earth Satellites.. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Slavinskaya M., Chigorin N.

Script writers: Sazonov A.

Operators: Artseulov K., Kanaev I., Kochetkov A. S., Lebedinskiy A., Lytkin V.

Composers: Kholminov A.

Anouncers: Shumakov G.

Text writers: Sazonov A.


About work of Soviet scientists at creation of spacecrafts; launch of the first artificial Earth satellite.

Conquest of Space | International cooperation | Launch of the first artificial Earth satellite.


Temporary description

Scheme of the rocket and spaceship model Tsiolkovsky. Newsreel. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in his office, in the garden of his home in Kaluga. Obninsk nuclear power plant, remote control, the reactor plant. Pilots Chkalov, A. Belyakov, H. Baidukov, M. Gromov, made a nonstop flight from Moscow to America. Jet airliner TU-104, created by a team led by aircraft designers Tupolev. Appearance of the aircraft, the cockpit and passenger cabin. Training launches first rocket, the first and second satellites. Hams, scientists of the Soviet Union and foreign countries are call signs of satellites. President of the USSR Nesmeyanov, writer Mikhail Sholokhov, Khrushchev, foreign scientists B. Jarque (GDR), J. Groshkovsky (Poland), a professor at Columbia University Hasialis talk about the importance of launching satellites.

Reel №1

Rotating surface of the Earth.

Missile in flight.

Peter and Paul Fortress.




Drawing depicting the project N. Kibalchicha.



House museum of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.

Room of the museum.

Scheme Tsiolkovsky rocket.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in his study.

Spaceship model.

Photo depicting a meeting of Lenin with Wells.

Lenin - medium, large plans.

Industrial plans.

Academy of Sciences of the USSR - the general plan.


Academician Nesmeyanov lecturing students.

Academician Semenov reads in the laboratory.

Nuclear power plant.

Remote power plant.

Atomic reactor.



Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (appearance).

Synchrotron - the average plan.

K. E.Tsiolkovsky in the garden - the average plan.

Tsiolkovsky - close-up.

Tsiolkovsky told - the average plan.

Crew stratospheric "Osoaviakhim-1": Fedosenko Vasenko, Usyskin - close-up.

The crew sits in a gondola.

Read the cameramen.

Stratospheric balloon in the air.

Reel №2

Pilots: Chkalov Baidukov, Belyakov at the airport before flying to America.

Aircraft A.Tupolev farewell to pilots.

A meeting of Soviet pilots in the United States.

Meeting in the U.S. crew Gromov.

The aircraft "TU-104" - different plans.

The aircraft "TU-104" in the air.

Rocket launch.

Missile in the air.

Experimental dogs seated in the cockpit.

The dog in the cabin during the flight.

Cab with animals land.


London, Hamburg.


New York.

Model of American satellite.

Research workers in the model.

U.S. launch of the rocket.

Rocket falls and explodes.

The model of the first Soviet neiskusstvennogo satellite.

Researcher at the model.

Laboratory test (cone and branch out the satellite).

Missile in flight.

"Pravda" newspaper reported on the launch of the satellite, number of foreign newspapers with the responses to the event.

Layout satellite.

Devices installed in it (the scheme).

Hams make the satellite signals.

Reel №3

Radio reception in the Soviet satellite, radio programs on satellite launch.

Receiving signals on Mexican radio.

Rector of the University of Berlin.


Bernard Jarque, Groshkovekshi Polish scientist, professor at Columbia University Hasialis, share opinions about the importance of launching an artificial satellite.

Observations of the optical satellite stations of China, Egypt and Poland.

Stalinabad Observatory.

Observations of the satellite using a "meteor patrol."

Observation satellite in Yakutia.

Cameramen in the mountains watching satellite.

Cameramen on the plane watching the movement of the satellite.

The audience in the show room of the planetarium.

Academician Nesmeyanov talks about the significance of the launch of Sputnik (synchronously).

Visitors at a national industrial exhibition in the Pavilion of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Model of the first artificial satellite.

Hewlett Johnson in Hall of the Academy of Sciences of the model.

Preparing for the launch of the second satellite.

Devices installed on the second satellite.

Reel №4

Dog, raised on a rocket into space.

Laika at the Laboratory wear special equipment.

Cab equipment for the animal.

Tests of the satellite before launch.




Bank of the Don.

Writer Mikhail Sholokhov stands before a microphone (synchronous)

Paul Robson talks to the cameraman N. Mukhin (synchronous)

Panorama: Moscow (removed from the air).

Meetings of the jubilee session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

Among those present on the podium - Comrade Mao Tse-Tung.

Acts Khrushchev (synchronous)

Podnikova sculpture "to the stars."

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