Science and technology № 22 (1986)

Newsreel №49039, 1 part, duration: 0:08:40
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:V.Shkarina, N.Burnos, M.Geller
Screenwriters:Chelchenov V., Saranduk D., Pinskij B., Eremina T.
Camera operators:R.Anisimov, A.Vinogradov, L.Kaplukov, L.Solnceva



3. "Our old good friend" About new bicycles. 4. "What is ergoformotron?" On the use of ergonomic achievements in the design of new technology.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

In four newsreel story.

1st plot. "The new technology"



Stela plant Ural Heavy Machinery Plant.

Workshop on production of diesel engines; workers for the manufacture of the crankshaft.

Manufacturing process of the crankshaft on the new technology by stamping.

Cartoon illustrating the process of stamping the crankshaft.

Glow-stamping process workpiece.

Transporting finished crankshaft shop using crane girders.

Column bulldozers moving on diesel engines on the road.

2nd story. "On rotifers"

Belarus (Byelorussia).

Pine on the waterfront, grassy.

Zoologists Socko collected in a reservoir of freshwater rotifers.

The structure of rotifers (macro).

Institute of Zoology BSSR in the laboratory study of rotifers under the microscope.

Breeding freshwater rotifers in the lab.




Laboratory All-Russian Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics, which is located in the experimental complex "Ergoformotron" intended to study activity machinist.

Subject with attached to his body sensors emulates an imaginary machine.

Ergogram muscle fatigue test.

Researcher changes position of the arms in a complex, changing its physical stress test.

Ergogram muscle fatigue.

Researcher working at the control complex.

The purpose of research - and proportionate to achieve the minimum of physical activity in the workplace.

4th story "our good old friend"



Children's and adult bikes.

Detail of old and new bikes.

Lab weighs bicycle parts.

Bench and field testing of new bike before starting mass production.

Assembly shop Bicycle Kharkov bicycle factory; workers on the assembly of different parts.

An employee of the Patent Office registers a new application for the invention of the bike.

Samples bicycles produced by the plant.

Among them, the bike "Tachyon".

Cyclists at the start.

Cycling in the city.

Key words

Industrial research institutes.
Automotive industry.

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