Brotherly Friendship. (1958)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Venzher I.

Operators: Kaspiy D., Maksimov L.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R., Khmara L.

Text writers: Maryamov A.


About the visit of Kliment Voroshilov, Chairman of the Presidium of the the USSR Supreme Council, to the People's Republic of Poland.

Historical background

From 16 to 26 April 1958 in the Polish People's Republic with the visit of friendship was Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR KE Voroshilov with a group of party and government leaders.

Reel №1

Seeing KE Voroshilov.

NS Khrushchev says goodbye to KE Voroshilov, EA Furtseva and others departing.

Border of the USSR and Poland.

Newsreel 1944:

Polish people met Soviet soldiers.

LS. view of Warsaw (the plane).

Meeting KE Voroshilov and his party at the Warsaw station.

Atmosphere: The Chairman of the State Council, Alexander Zawadzki, the first secretary of the Polish United Workers Party Wladyslaw Gomulka, Prime Minister Jozef Cyrankiewicz.

KE Voroshilov and EA Furtseva presented with flowers.

Welcomes guests A. Zawadzki.

KE stands Voroshilov (synchronously).

Machines with visitors passing through the city.

Residents welcome guests.

KE visit Voroshilov and his party: EA Furtseva, KT Mazurova, NS Patolicheva, SV Chervonenko VP Elyutin, A. Snieckus, PA Abrosimova Alexander Zavadsky, Wladyslaw Gomulka and Jozef Cyrankiewicz.

Admission KE Voroshilov in his residence in the Belvedere Polish statesmen A. Zavadsky W. Gomulka, J. Cyrankiewicz.

Residents welcome the passing of Silesia in cars Soviet guests.

Welcome guests in


The rally in the square.

Opens the meeting and the first secretary of the Provincial Committee, secretary of the Polish United Workers' Silesian Edward Gierek.

KE stands Voroshilov.

A trip to Silesia.

Miners welcome KE Voroshilov and his party.

Guests visit the plant.

Dzerzhinsky Dąbrowa Gornicza.

Monument to Dzerzhinsky.


Acts secretary of the Lithuanian Communist Party comrade.


Machines with visitors passing through Krakow.

Reel №2

Children presented with KE Voroshilov and other guests flowers.

KE Voroshilov and his entourage at a metallurgical plant them.

Lenin near Krakow.

Guests in the shop hot rolling.

Away Museum VI Lenin in Cracow.

Soviet visitors at the grave of Soviet soldiers - fighters for the liberation of Poland.

Polish People's Republic.

Auschwitz - a death camp.

Lay a wreath at the martyrs of Auschwitz.

KE Voroshilov, EA Furtseva and others in the honor guard.


Lodz welcome guests.

Guests at the cotton mill them.


KE Voroshilov speaks with worker.

The meeting at the factory.

Opens the meeting secretary of the city committee of Lodz Maria Tatarkuvna-Maykovskaya.

Speaks EA Furtseva (synchronously).

EA Furtseva garment factory on the Warsaw talks with working women, examines the finished product.

KE Voroshilov at the Warsaw radio plant them.

Kasprzak, inspects the plant, talking to workers.

The meeting at the factory.

Acts secretary of Communist Party of Belarus Mazurov.

Opening the solemn meeting in the Palace of Culture, dedicated to the 13th anniversary of the Polish-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Assistance.

Acts Vl.

Gomulka (synchronously).

KE stands Voroshilov (synchronously).

Reception at the Embassy of the USSR.

Converse: KE Voroshilov, EA Furtseva, Vl.

Gomulka, J. Cyrankiewicz, A. Zawadzki, etc.

Seeing the Soviet delegation at the airport.

A. Zawadzki and KE Voroshilov exchanged speeches bypass the guard of honor.

Guests leave of mourners and climb into the plane.

Putin is in the Sports Palace on the occasion of the return of the delegation.

Plans of Moscow and Warsaw.