The 41st October.. (1958)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Babushkin Ya.


On the celebration of the 41st Anniversary of the October Revolution.

Reel №1

Flag on the dome of the building of the Supreme Soviet (departure from CU. At MS.).

Night Kremlin - MS.

Illuminated Gorky Street - LS.

Illuminated Central Telegraph building - different.

Stands, showing the growth of industry.

Steelmakers Moscow plant "Hammer and Sickle" AI Ovchinnikov VV Klyuev with their families.

V. Klyuev and Ovchinnikov at work in the shop of the plant.

Nizhni Tagil Metallurgical Combine.

Steelworker, Hero of Socialist Labor, Anatoly K. Gusarov and His replacement Michael Kinev give smelting hearth plant.

Metal is poured from a ladle - MS., CU.

Meeting devoted to the launch of a new blast furnace of Chelyabinsk.

A few plans for the blast furnace.

In a career of the Kursk magnetic anomaly excavate and hydromonitors.

Victor says the excavator Prudnikov (synchronously).

General view of Stalingrad hydroelectric (top).

Work on the damming of the Volga.

The driver TK Boldenkov in the cab car.

Machine shed concrete pyramid in the river.

PNRM. - Pyramids fall into the water.

A few plans for the construction of heavy tanker "Beijing."

Work auto shop roller and ball bearings for

1st State Bearing Plant in Moscow.

Construction of Sumgait synthetic rubber plant - MS., CU.

Construction of a residential building in Moscow.

PNRM. a house for a family of hereditary builders Poznyakova: family head Michael Korneevich - foreman, sons Michael, Gregory, Vladimir - the members of his team - CU.

Moscow builders group, awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor: Ivan Khudyakov Lukyanovich Ivan Lukyanov, Pavel Afonin, Anna Y. Makarov - CU.

Layout of building South-West district.

Architects in the layout.

Fashion designers House of the Union consider fabric for the dress.

The work tells the House of the chief designer Alexander Fedorovich Kulich (synchronously).

The stairs are modelersha.

In kindergarten, children are preparing for the holiday.

Tanya Bardeen poem reads (synchronous).

Scientists in the laboratory of the Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Among them - the Nobel Prize winner Pavel Cherenkov - CU.

Training dogs in the chamber for future space flights.

Construction of the canal Amu - Murghab - Various. (The plane).


Works combine.

Work on the current.

Elevator - MS., CU.

Reel №2

The ceremonial meeting in the Palace of Sports, dedicated to 41-th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.


Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Moscow Soviet NI Beaver opens the meeting.

The report advocates the first deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR AI Mikoyan (synchronously).

Listening and applauding.

Troops built for a parade in Red Square.

NS Khrushchev and the leaders of the party and the government raised the rostrum of the Mausoleum.

PNRM. Spasskaya tower of Kremlin chimes.

Defense Minister Marshal Rodion Malinowski report takes parade commander Marshal KS Moskalenko.

RY Malinowski and KS Moskalenko tour the troops greet them.

RY Malinowski says with Mausoleum speech (synchronously).

Reel №3

Troops are stationed in Red Square.

Begins a solemn march of troops.

Pass sailors cadets Higher Naval School named Popov, the cadets of the Supreme Military Command School named after the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, the students at the Moscow School of Border Troops, a division of the Dzerzhinsky Division, pupils of the Moscow Suvorov schools and Tula, Leningrad Nakhimov.

On Red Square passing mechanized column Taman Division Kalinin, moving part of the Airborne Troops, Kantemirovskaya Panzer Division.

Artillery units on the march.

Military parade ends with the passage of the composite orchestra.

On Red Square are columns athletes sports clubs of the capital.

It takes a column of protesters - different.