Riddles Bay Crater. (1989)

Documentary №50032, 3 parts, duration: 0:28:05
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Camera operators:I.Yurov
Other authors:Scenarij I.Vojtenko, V.Tarasov. Konsuljtant A.Zhirmunskij


The film tells about the inner bay Crater (submerged sea vent) on the island Yankicha (Kuril Islands), on the current in the bay under the influence of volcanic activity unique ecosystem.

Reel №1

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The first part.


Seagulls over the sea.

General view of Crater Bay.

Rocks protruding from the water of the bay.

The joint expedition studio "Lennauchfilm" and the Institute of Marine Biology, Far Eastern Branch of the USSR in rubber boats explore the bay, swimming in a stone grotto.

Solfatornoe field.

Pairs above ground, researchers in masks go through the steam.

Jets of hot water erupting out of the ground.

Flowing boiling sulfur.

Bubbling mud fumaroles on the beach shore.

Boiling water in a trough.

Eggs cooked in a grid in the water basin.

Man down the pan in boiling water.

Powerboat sailing in the bay.

Divers preparing to dive into the water of the bay, are submerged under water.

Underwater shooting (methane bubbles rise from the bottom of the bay, diver measures the temperature of soil at the bottom).

The second part.

Powerboat with researchers in the bay.

Tent mounted on a pontoon in the bay.

General view of the bay.

Two divers prepare to dive with a pontoon.

Underwater shooting (diver with the device moves along the wall of the crater, a colony of sea urchins on a stone shelf slope, the diver with a measuring grid swim to the hedgehogs, makes measurements of population density, selects instances urchins, sea cucumbers, starfish, benthic marine animals on the wall of the crater, the gas bubbles rise from the cracks at the bottom, white education - microscopic worms).

Scientists measure a water boilers, steam rises from the ground.

Men in protective suits fall into the boilers.

Mineralized water flowing over rocks.

Expedition camp on the shore of the bay.

Biologist-diver descends under water among the rocks.

Divers lifted from the water by boat.

The third part.

Man sitting at table in minilab on the pontoon.

Worms, ciliates (shot through the microscope).

Sample white mat formation, shot mikrotseytrafernoy camera.

Underwater photography (PNRM. the wall coves, white education, colonies of sea animals underwater meadow tserentary, crab, flower drop tserentarii).

Landscapes of the Pacific Ocean.

Types of Crater Bay.

Bird colonies.

Black fox in the grass on a rock.

Fox floats in water.

Man with a movie camera to shoot animals, birds.

Traces of fox paws on the volcanic sand, foxes playing in the sand.

Divers plunge into the water in the background - a cliff in the fog.

Wind bends the plants on the rocks.

Key words

Maritime transport.
Geology, geography.

Movie №1

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