Two station. (1954)

Documentary №50238, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:25
Production: LSDF
Director:A. Minkin
Screenwriters:N.A. Dukor
Camera operators:F. Ovsyannikov
Composers:V.S. Vasiljev


The film was shot by order of the Ministry of transport and communications. The technology of the Kharkov station in Kharkov and Odessa railway station in Odessa: the passenger service system, the distribution of passenger and cargo traffic, the work ticket offices and systems of making the booking of seats in trains, cultural butovoe Bureau stations, children's room, cleaning stations, etc.

Reel №1

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Technology of Kharkov and Odessa stations: passenger service, the distribution of passenger and freight traffic, job ticket and seat reservation systems, cleaning and other aspects of work.

Key words

suitcase, train shape, decorated table, form station waitress, hairdresser

Locations: Kharkiv [899] Odessa [960]

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №2

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The train pulls up to the station.

The porter is standing on the platform.

Passengers get off the train.

The station building and the platforms with trains.

Hand-drawn timetable for trains and passengers.

Passengers leave the platform in the city on the station square.

Passengers board buses.

Passengers enter the station building.

Young people read the index.

Railway station signs.

The queue at the ticket offices.

Post office in the station building.

A newsstand.

Flower sales.

A man buys a bouquet.

Information desk.

The employee is on the phone.

The girl asks a question.

An employee of the information desk works with reference books.

Passengers go to the luggage room.

Passengers check in and receive their luggage.

Window for receiving and issuing hand luggage.

Receipt for receiving and issuing hand luggage.

Storage room.

Luggage storage shelves.

The storekeeper gives out the luggage.

The employee reports to the stationmaster.

The ticket clerk sells tickets.

The cashier composts the ticket.

The cashier counts the money.

A car is parked near the building of the Central City Passenger Station of the Odessa-Kishenevskaya Railway.

Ticket offices for pre-sale of tickets.

People in the queue.

An employee of the ticket booking office accepts an order for the purchase of a ticket by phone.

City street.

Buses pass by.

Pedestrians walk along the sidewalk.

Delivery of railway tickets to your home.

The employee gives the tickets.

The man pays.

Key words

a portrait of Stalin, money, station, suitcase, book of

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №3

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Employees of the station distribute tickets in envelopes.

Traveling cashiers distribute tickets to vacationers in the sanatorium.

Embankment in Odessa.

Motor ship.

Palm trees.

Lifeboats on board the ship.

People walk on the deck.

Recreation room on the ship.

A lady plays the piano.

The operator gives a radio telegram.

The telephone operator is on the phone.

Boat on the pier.

Sale of railway tickets on board the ship.

Address plan-Odessa railway station.

People walk through the train station.

Waiting room.

Men play chess.

A woman writes, a young girl reads a magazine.

The employee accompanies the passenger to the rest room.

Children's playroom at the train station.

The boy swings on a wooden horse.

Children draw.

A girl with a toy.

The children are asleep.

The teacher walks between the children's beds.

Cleaning of the train station.

The cleaner throws the garbage out of the trash can.

Cleaners wash the chandelier.

Washing machine for cleaning the floor.

Polisher machine.

Vacuum cleaners for the floor and walls.

TV tower for cleaning equipment and cornices.

A man in the cradle of a TV tower checks the chandelier.

Luggage compartment.

People check in their luggage.

Suitcases are weighed on the scales.

The employee makes a note in the documents.

Baggage marking.

The porter takes the suitcase away.

A room with luggage.

PNRM. through the train station hall.

The platform controller checks the tickets.

Passengers walk on the platform.

The conductor checks the tickets.

Passengers get into the car.

The railroad man blows his whistle.

The train pulls away from the platform.

Mourners wave their hands.

Odessa railway station and platforms-top view.

Key words

rail transportation, railway form, sea, palm trees, beach chair, wagon

Locations: Odessa [960]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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