Scientists - Black Earth.. (1981)

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Director: A. Martinenko

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Reel №1

USSR Academy of Sciences EM Sergeev, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences AK Larionov talking about one of the most acute problems Nechernozemie - reclamation of new development scientists in the fight against soil erosion, drainage, the application in addressing reclamation of computers, laser systems.

Researcher in the laboratory for a computer, the model of the ravine.

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, employee selection center chernozem zone of the Central regions (Seletsentr) G. V. Gulyaev, corresponding member of Academy of Agricultural Sciences ED Nettevich, corresponding member of Academy of Agricultural Sciences ET Varenitsa, Sc.D. LD Prusakov talk about the development of new varieties of winter and spring wheat, the development of domestic preparation "tour" to prevent the lodging of wheat.

View samples of wheat "Moscow-35", "Barley Moscow 3."

Type of experimental fields.

Harvesting wheat harvester, grain threshing, sorting grain sacs weighing grain.

Candidate of Technical Sciences NS Berkutova talks about a diverse group of devices baking properties of grain selection.

Lab during izmolota grain, mixing flour, baking bread.

Corresponding Members of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences BS Mashkov, KV Novozhylov talk about the need to increase grain yield, the need development funds, protecting crops and are not adversely affected in nature, insects, birds.

Scientists in laboratory watching hrizopy larvae, destroying aphids.

Candidate of Biological Sciences LN Trofimets says recovery technology development of potato varieties.

Scientists in the laboratory during works on obtaining HEALTHCARE potato varieties.

Type the experimental field of potatoes.

Cleaning and loading of potatoes on the machine.

Academician, vice president of Agricultural Sciences LK Ernst says the main directions of development of animal husbandry, develop a system of large-scale selection.

Sc.D. AF Yakovlev said about the mechanics of the selection process, the different approaches in selecting animals for breeding, animal evaluation as chromosomes.

Type of breeding bulls, cows in the pasture, in the livestock sector.

Scientists in the laboratory have microscopes operating All-Union Institute of livestock during the breeding experiments, operations allowed.

Candidate of Biological Sciences AV Mezentsev speaks of the necessity of intensive forage production, the development of new methods of selection at the cellular level conducted with kupoturami clover, alfalfa.

AV Mezentsev, technicians in the laboratory during the experiments with clover.

Sc.D. GA Debelle said the deficit of feed protein, about solving this problem using the cultivation of leguminous crops.

Breeders during the experiments with peas.

Director plemzavod "Peter" says M. Novikov help scientists to balance the diet on the content of macro and micro nutrients to increase in connection with the milk yield.

View of the village, rural dwellings.

A herd of cows, calves.

Landscapes Nechernozemie.

Key words

Geology. Selection. Agricultural sciences. Rural settlements. Livestock.