Conversations agronomist. ()

Documentary №50414, 3 parts
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Camera operators:L.Pragin

Reel №1

In the film, the following motion picture:

Part 1.

Agronomist tells of grassland farming system, which are the basis of field and forage grass crop rotation (in German).

General view of the crop of alfalfa, timothy, cereals, clover, sunflower.

Plowing and harrowing fields in one of the farms.

View sample flax fizariuma affected by fungus.

Agronomist talks about plant diseases (in German).

Type of fungal spores (macro).

Cereal crops in one of the farms.

General view of the cabbage (removed from the upper point) field.

Agriculturist in field takes root plants and puts it in a glass bowl.

Type of cereal and legume crops affected by pests.

Pests eat the leaves of plants (macro).

Semipolnogo rotation scheme.

Part 2.

Tractor plowing the soil.

Loading grain silos in the drill.

Agronomist at semipolnogo rotation scheme.

View Diagrams feed and field rotation.

General view of forage grasses in the field.

Agronomist holding a forage grasses with extensive root system.

Cleaning forage grasses using horse mower.

Adding fertilizer to the soil and harrowing.

General view of a millet field.

Grain on the threshing floor.

Part 3.

General view of a field of perennial grasses, sunflower fields.

Stacking hay in the field.

Herds of cows and sheep farms of one of the pasture.

Cows and pigs in open paddocks.

Milkmaid milking a cow.

Farm workers withdrawn horses from the stables, one of the men toured the horse.

Horses grazing in the meadow.

Combines work in the fields harvesting crops.

Work on the current; foreground grain bags.

Haying in the field, hay mowers laid on carts.

Harvesting potatoes in field workers collect potatoes in the basket.

Harvesting of apples in the garden.

General view of the apiary, beekeeper from the hive.

Letting agricultural products to the state: there are carts laden with sacks of grain.

Unloading the milk cans.

Carpenters working on the construction of a building on the farm.

People out of the clubhouse.

Speech agronomist from the rostrum.

Key words

Agricultural sciences.
State agricultural enterprises.

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