Jewish cemetery.. (1989)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: R.Nahmanovich Yu.Marjyamov

Operators: A.Habad

Reel №1


Vostryakovskoe cemetery.

A helicopter flies over the cemetery.

Men are built of stone tombstone on the grave of Rabbi recall activities and the last days of the late, talk about religion (sinhr.).

Nadgorbie at the grave of Rabbi. (1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, Cc)

Author and singer-songwriter B.Kiner at home for friends sings a song about bison (sinhr.). (1 hr)

Participants of the meeting of the Moscow Society of Jewish culture in the hall.

One of the activists of the society is on the podium


Wall newspaper "Spring", the state flag of Israel in the hall.

Children in the synagogue on the holiday.

Destroyed monuments on the graves of Jewish citizens. (3 hr)

Exhibition dedicated to Jewish citizens missing during Stalin's repressions.

Photos, biographical information about the missing in the exhibition.

The audience at the show.

L. actor in the exhibition hall sings "upekli prophet in the Komi Republic ..." (sinhr.). (6 h)

Evening in memory of the victims of Stalinist repression in the Moscow Society of Jewish culture.

Performed by one of the activists of the society (sinhr.).

Photographs of Soviet Jewish citizens affected by the repression, in the hall.

Burning candles.

Flowers around photos.

Fragment of the musical play "Journey Beniamin Third in the Holy Land" on stage "Hermitage" (sinhr.).

Service in the synagogue.

Actors Theatre of the believer in the synagogue.

Monument at the grave of the poet Galkino.

Burning candles on the grave.

Burning candles in the cemetery in the evening. (7 hours)

Lviv region., City


Jewish artist Michael meets his pregnant wife and daughter at the train station.

Country village.

The decor in the house of the artist.

Michael talks about the search of the house of his bride, Forced his stay as a psychiatric hospital, about his childhood, about studying at the art school, about his passion for the history of the Jewish people (sinhr.).


Michael with family about building a maternity home talking to his wife through the window (sinhr.).

Michael meets his wife and newborn baby near a maternity hospital.

The Artist's Wife rassskazyvaet about living together with Michael (sinhr.).

Michael in the studio working on a painting.

Michael with her daughter examines dilapidated synagogue (sinhr.).

The artist's wife sings a lullaby to Russian and Jewish languages ​​(sinhr.).

Michael with his wife and children in the terminal building saying goodbye to family and friends before leaving for Israel.

Dilapidated synagogue. (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, Cc)

A young man on a city street in the crowd sings a song in the Hebrew language (sinhr.). (8 hours)

The Latvian SSR, the


Former prisoners of the ghetto to visit prisons, where during the war the camp.

Grounds, gates, corridors prison.

Prisoners within the prison.

Excavations in the woods around the town on the site of mass executions in the ghetto during World War II.

Remains of the dead.

Jewish man working on the excavation, introduces himself (sinhr.).

Participants excavations mortal remains folded into boxes.

Mourning procession residents per day bury dead bodies.

Marchers carried pictures of dead, coffins with the remains, six-pointed star made of flowers.

Crowded memorial meeting locals around the moat, where excavations were conducted.

Speaker artist Michael (sinhr.).

Burial of the remains in a common grave. (2, 3, 5, 8, 9, Cc)

The Latvian SSR, the


Meeting devoted to the tragic events in

Tbilisi, in the square at the Freedom Monument.

By participants of the rally (sinhr.). (8 hours)

Key words

Funeral business. Air transport. Music. Socio-political organizations. Judaism. Trains. Family. Standard of living. Painting. Care for the population. Cities, towns, villages. World War II (including the Great Patriotic War). Places of detention.