Land Gubkin.. (1978)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: I. Guljchuk

Operators: L. Nikeljberg

Reel №1

1 hour - Chronicle of the Second World War (the oil district of Baku).

Chronicle: opening oilfield geologists; portrait photos and geologist Gubkin.


Open oil storage; oil rigs.

Clearing tracks.

People extinguish the fire.

Rock oil - bitumen.

Bank of the Volga.

Work on oil rigs.

Oil on the bank.


City Chusovoi.

Fountains of oil.

Tractor pulls tanks.

2 hours - photos and portraits I. Gubkin.

Oil derricks.

The Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Chronicle: Vice-President of the USSR IM Gubkin in his office.

Peasant basket weaves.

Photos: weave sandals, fisticuffs, villages, churches, clergy at the seminary.

Horses graze near a river.

Rural children in school.

Chronicle: old Petersburg.

Photo - pre-revolutionary students.

3 pm - Landscape with rain and lightning.

Chronicle: Moscow 20s.

Photo portrait Gubkin.

Chronicle: workers digging a well, smoke.

Military orchestra.

Reading people in the tram.

Work in the mines.

Chronicle: linotype machine with the newspaper "Pravda".

Memorial "Kursk".


Chronicle: Building destroyed by the war.

Lebedinsky mine.

4 hours - Working miners.

Jacob mine.

Chronicle: The meeting of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the 1930s. ; performance Gubkin.

Workshop Mining Academy.

Students in a chemistry lab, an exam.

Photo - Gubkin among students of the Mining Academy.

Valley of mud volcanoes.

Active mud volcano.

Photo - Gubkin in the mountains.

Chronicle: geologists climb on horseback in the mountains.

Students in the laboratory Institute.


The first cars, aircraft, plane Mozhaiskogo.

Barren landscape.

Chronicle: The fountain of oil, drilling, building dams.

City Nebit Doug.

5 pm - Old minaret.


Pipelines in the desert.

City Nebit Dag.

Photos and portraits Gubkin.

Taiga, rivers and swamps.

West Siberia.


All-terrain vehicle.

Explosion seismic.


Khanty-Mansiysk camp in the snow.

Country house near Moscow.

Chronicle: Gubkin behind a desk.

Unfinished pipeline "Urengoy".

Key words

Oil. USSR Academy of Sciences. Geology. City. Print. Monuments. Mining. Pipelines. Vocational education.