Land Geser.. (1990)

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Director: L.Kupershmidt

Operators: A.Gorelov


The film is dedicated to the 1000-year history buryatskogogeroicheskogo epic "Geser". The film tells about the Buryat culture Baikal region, and the influence of religions - pagan, Buddhist, Christian life on the Buryats.

Reel №1

Part 1.

Landscapes Buryatia: steppes, mountains, lakes, fields, rivers, forests (including shooting from a helicopter); landscape of the setting sun, the views of Lake Baikal, interviews shaman S.M.Malanova (Sinhr.), view of the sacred mountain Manhay, petroglyphs on a rock Sagan-Zaba, exterior and interior of the Buryat shaman pantheon.

Part 2.

General view of the attributes of the shaman, shaman ritual dance celebrating Taylagana - collective rite of sacrifice in one of the Buryat villages.

Part 3.

Sacrificing horse during collective zhertvopronosheniya preparing ritual holiday meal of meat of sacrificial animals, family prayer service with the participation of the shaman, the general form of ritual worship "Ardayskim elders" by one of the elders and Nicholas uluses shepherd Basil.

Part 4.

Worship the "Ardayskim elders": fumigation sacrifice wine, sacrificing sheep, cooking meat; hereditary blacksmith work Arkhip Romanovich in his forge.

5 part.

General view of national jewelry, embroidery, made Buryat masters, meeting guests in the village Nagalyk preparing holiday meals and beverages, general view Utensils in a yurt.

6 part.

Reception and entertainment of guests in the village Nagalyk.

Preparation for the wedding ceremony in the village: women dress up the bride, prepare meals, greeted guests: motion train wedding with bride and groom.

7 part.

Interview researchers Buryat folk epics and M.P.Homonova A.I.Ulanova (sinhr.).

General view of the illustrations in the publication of the national epic "Geser".

Children in school are reading the poem (sinhr.).

Key words

Landscapes. Life. Christianity. Buddhism. Shamanism. Settlements. Schooling.