On Sinnificant Days. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Pogorelskiy O.

Operators: Maksimov L.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.


The Soviet Party and Government Delegation is present at the party dedicated to the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the GDR (German Democratic Republic).

Temporary description

GDR. Celebration in Berlin the 10th anniversary of the republic. Building, decorated with flags and banners. Meeting at the Berlin airport of the Soviet delegation, headed by FR Kozlov. Among the greeters O. Grotewohl, Walter Ulbricht. Playing O. Grotewohl, FR Kozlov. Solemn meeting dedicated to the anniversary of the Republic in Berlin Sports Palace. At the podium - the representatives from many countries. Chairperson of the House of People's Republic Dieckmann, O. Grotewohl (synchronous-over), FR Kozlov. Fireworks at night. Receiving I-th Secretary of the Communist Party of Germany, Walter Ulbricht and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers O. Grotewohl the embassy. Attending the reception were: VA Zorin, M. Pervukhin, Fedin, PI Demichev. Reception of the President of the Republic V. Peak. Marx and Engels Square, filled with people. On the podium - representatives of the heads of governments of the GDR and the USSR: FR Kozlov, Walter Ulbricht, O. Grotewohl and others. The rally in the square. Speakers: Walter Ulbricht, FR Kozlov, M. Thorez. Laying wreaths on the graves at the cemetery during Friedrichsfelde. Sculptures of Soviet soldiers. Visit to the Soviet delegation irrigation system in Rapp-Bode-Werke plant Lane. The meeting at the factory. Speakers I-st ​​secretary of the district committee of the Communist Party of Germany B. Kenen, FR Kozlov. German Pioneers welcome Soviet guests. Laying flowers at the monument to Lenin in Eslebene. Rally at the monument. Members of the delegation at the metallurgical plant at one of the buildings in Magdeburg. Off at the airport.

Reel №1

Berlin building are decorated with national flags, slogans, posters.

PNRM. the flag of the GDR - CU.

Portraits of the heads of government of the socialist countries and the national flags of the countries that are installed on one of the squares of Berlin.

Flags of the Soviet Union and East Germany at the airport - MS.

Greeters at the airport.

Out of the plane head of the Soviet party and government delegation, First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, FR Goats, and the members of the delegation.

The leaders of the GDR welcome the Soviet delegation.

Otto Grotewohl, Walter Ulbricht and other welcome guests: FR Kozlov, PP Lobanov and others.

Military guard of honor at the airport, built in honor of the arrival of the Soviet delegation.

FR Kozlov, Otto Grotewohl and Walter Ulbricht bypass a guard of honor.

Opening speech at the microphone says Prime Minister Otto Grotewohl GDR.

Greetings from the Soviet delegation sends FR Kozlov.

Berliners applaud in honor of the Soviet delegation - MS., LS.

The ceremonial meeting in the Berlin Sports Palace, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the GDR - LS.

Presidium of the solemn assembly.

The representative of China in the presidium of the meeting - MS., Delegate of France Maurice Thorez on the podium.

Chairman of the People's Chamber of Dickman opens meeting, in the presidium of the delegates of the socialist countries and the fraternal parties.

Otto Grotewohl making a report.

Present in the room applauded.

Greeted by the Head of the Soviet delegation, FR Kozlov.

The representatives of Asia and Africa - CU.

Celebratory fireworks - CU.

Festivities on the areas of Berlin at night.

Women laughing face - CU. (Evening).

GDR government building, decorated with flags - MS.

Soviet party and government delegation: FR Kozlov (head of delegation), PP Lobanov, VA Zorin, MG Pervukhin, SP Pavlov, KA Fedin, ZD Efremov, PN Demichev a reception at the First Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, Walter Ulbricht and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the GDR Otto Grotewohl.

The Soviet delegation, led by FR Gantry at a reception at the President of the GDR Wilhelm Pieck.

Pieck takes the heads of delegations of the people's democracy and international communist and workers' parties.

Television reception apparatus in B. Pick.

Secretary of the French Communist Party, Maurice Thorez and other listeners.

Pieck talking to FR Kozlov.

A festive demonstration on the square of Berlin Marx and Engels - LS.

Government platform, decorated with fresh flowers, on the podium: Walter Ulbricht, Maurice Thorez, FR Kozlov, Otto Grotewohl - LS., MS.

The people in the area welcomed the Republic's leaders and visitors from other states.

From the rostrum of a speech by Walter Ulbricht.

German woman with a baby listening - CU.

From the platform supports FR Kozlov.

LS. views of Marx and Engels Square during the festive rally (shot through the government platform).

Acts Maurice Thorez.

People in the square applauded - MS.

The ceremony of laying wreaths at the graves of the fighters for the working class to the cemetery in Friedrichsfelde: honor guard at the mass grave.

Officers lay wreaths on the Soviet delegation and the delegation of the People's Democracy and the Communist and workers' parties of the capitalist countries.

Walter Ulbricht, Otto Grotewohl, FR Kozlov, Maurice Thorez, Jozef Cyrankiewicz and others commemorate a minute of silence.

Treptow Park, the burial place of the Soviet soldiers who died for the liberation of Berlin from the Nazis, birch over the graves of heroes.

Monument to Soviet soldiers in Treptow Park - LS.; Details of the monument - MS.

The laying of wreaths and a moment of silence at the graves of Soviet soldiers.

FR Kozlov, Otto Grotewohl, members of the Soviet delegation, and other countries at the monument.

Reel №2

On a city street with cars passing Soviet government delegation, the people welcomed the Soviet envoys.

The Soviet delegation and accompanying persons to inspect irrigation Rapp-Bode.

Dam at Rapp-Bode - LS.

FR Kozlov and others on the dam, PNRM. on the irrigation system (removed from the dam) - LS.

PNRM. a water channel into a mountain on a mountain road are cars.

FR Kozlov says goodbye to the workers of the dam.

Chemical Plant Lane-Werke - LS., MS., PNRM.

Children and adults welcome the Soviet delegation, which arrived at the chemical plant.

FR Goats and other people pass by.

The Soviet delegation met with the production and the workers' chemical plant.

Technical equipment for the oil refining plant in the shops.

PNRM. per delegation inspects shop.

Plant workers rally after meeting Soviet guests - LS. (In the factory yard.)

FR Goats from the podium welcomed the participants to the meeting.

Kozlov speech at the rally.

From the podium to speak first secretary of the district committee of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany Bernard Kenets.

Rally participants listened to - MS., CU.

Plant workers presented gifts to Soviet delegates, delegates thanked the workers.

German working face - CU.

The trees with yellowing leaves - CU.

Bare autumn trees - CU.

The Soviet delegation, car drives away with the plant, the workers escorted guests.

FR Goats out of the car window saying goodbye to the workers - CU.

Children waving flags guests - MS., PNRM.

Berliners with torches greeted the Soviet delegation, passing through the city in the evening.

FR Kozlov welcomes German pioneers (evening plans).

Pioneer ties FR Kozlov Pioneer tie, hugging him - MS., CU.

Residents Eisleben - mining town - welcomed the Soviet delegates to them in the city.

Monument VI Lenin in the town square, PNRM. on the people who gathered at the monument - LS.

Laying a wreath at the monument.

PNRM. by a bronze figure VI Lenin.

The people in the area welcomed the Soviet delegation.

FR Kozlov, Lobanov, Ephraim and the other Soviet delegates to the area near the monument of VI Lenin.

FR Goats and other lay a wreath at the monument to VI Lenin.

The suburban highway passing Soviet delegates in vehicles; road decorated with banners welcoming the Soviet guests.

Peasant greeting Soviet guests.

Farmers National Livestock estate Barbu on Elba meet the Soviet delegation.

Female guests presented flowers.

Pioneers presented guests pioneer ties, girl ties a tie Lobanov.

German girls applauded after the Soviet guests - MS.

Soviet delegates, accompanied by a large group of members of an agricultural cooperative through the territory of the cooperative.

Pig farm cooperative in Barbu, pigs in pens in piggeries - MS., PNRM.

FR Goats and other visiting a pig farm.

The Soviet delegates pass through metal works - LS.

From the heating furnace at the roller conveyor is pushed huge flaming pig - CU.

Metal-working machine - MS.

German metallurgist talks with the Soviet delegate to Pavlov.

FR Kozlov talking to workers - MS., CU.

Delegate Ephraim chat with one of the plant.

Rebuilt after the war, the

Magdeburg - LS.

FR Kozlov talking with workers on one of the buildings of Magdeburg.

Construction of a house in Magdeburg - MS.

Builder presents flowers FR Kozlov.

Magdeburg residents welcome Soviet delegates.

The Soviet delegates leave Magdeburg residents escorted guests.

At the Berlin airport: TU-10 propeller.

The departure of the Soviet delegation from Berlin home.

FR Kozlov, Lobanov, Pavlov, Ephraim, Pervukhin and other leave of Walter Ulbricht, Otto Grotewohl and other mourners.

Berliners escorted guests.