There are Millions in Our Team. (1959)

Film-document №5094 2 parts, Duration: 0:19:05, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Danilov L.

Script writers: Oganyan D.

Operators: Krylov A., Sugint O.


About two teams of the Communist labor: depot - Moskva Sortirovochnaya and the Construction Team of Bratsk (the city of Bratsk) Hydro Electric Power Station.

Temporary description

Moscow. Railway station "Moscow-sorting." Depot. The members of the Komsomol youth brigades of communist labor at work, in the bookstore, the Museum of Fine Arts named after AS Pushkin. The team member Ivan Zamyatin with his wife and son at home. The wedding of one of the members of the team Mr. Markov. Siberia. Construction of Bratsk hydroelectric power. Crew members of communist labor - installers high altitude at work, at home with his family. Overlapping of the Angara River. Angara River. Landscapes. One of the team members B. Gainullin at the hospital. Doctors at the bedside.

Reel №1

Railroad crossing at Falcon Hill - Moscow-sorting station.

At the junction is the engine - MS. (Summer).

Cross railroad tracks at the station Moscow-sorting - LS.

It takes a freight train with a locomotive at the junction - LS.

Turntable in the Moscow-sorting depot - MS.

Memorial plaque: "This May 10, 1919, the first in the country communist Saturday» - CU.

Newsreel 1919:

Fragments of a locomotive, car, destroyed buildings and equipment shed.

Snowbound train wreck buildings.

The first communist Saturday in Moscow-sorting depot, men saw logs, repair engine.

On the turntable is refurbished locomotive and participants repairs on the engine.

Of locomotive belching thick smoke pipes - CU. (Compared to bare steppe and single-track road).

Working Moscow-sorting depot at the opening of a memorial plaque on the engine OM 7024 - firstborn communist labor - different ..

The plaque on the steam train with the NDP "This locomotive depot was renovated communist Moscow-sorting on the first communist Saturday ..."

Electric to repair the line in Moscow-sorting depot - CU., Hitting.

Workshop Depot - LS.; Locomotives under repair.

At work in the depot youth brigade of communist labor - master Stanilevich B., B. Brykov, A. Rappoport, Zamyatin, A. Fisenko (standing in a group) - MS., CU.

At work: B. Brykov - MS.

Sasha Rappaport - MS., CU.

Zamyatin - MS., CU.

On the metal parts of electric hand working - CU.

Worker safety glasses while working in a repair shop - CU.

For cases of workers said A. Fisenko (synchronous) - CU.

Electric depot in the shop - LS. with a / t

Workers produce electric repair - MS., CU.

Zamyatin and of the Research Institute of Railway Transport ND Ershkov office innovators for the development of new proposals.

Workers and engineers in the design office at work.

In the design office Zamyatin and ND Ershkov make calculations in the drawing.

In Stanilevich and others at the station talking to test run the engine.

Locomotive driver goes into the cockpit and includes a motor - CU., MS.

Stanilevich a locomotive - CU.

Devices in the locomotive booth - CU.

Concentrated faces of workers - CU.

Depot workers after shift wash in the shower - CU.

The workers in the factory buying books kiosk.

B. Stanilevich buys a book at the kiosk - CU.

Hand flipping through the book - CU.

The team member of the Communist Labor Sasha Fisenko with a friend is a Museum of Fine Arts.

Pushkin (shot through the head sculpture of David.)

The sculptures in the Museum of.

Pushkin - MS., CU.

Hand holding a book with illustrations - CU.

Sasha Fisenko with a friend familiar with the works of art in the museum, talk to the visitor of the museum - a girl from Leningrad.

The painting "first brigade of communist labor."

Details of the picture - different.

Zamyatin at home working on a book (in the evening).

Zamyatin's wife with the child at home.

Zamyatin teaches his son to write - CU.

Reel №2

The workers go to work - LS. (Winter).

Young workers in the shop at work - MS., CU.

Metal is poured from a ladle - MS.

Metallurgist at the open-hearth furnace with a hose - MS.

Close-ups of various professions (funny face).

We operate the machine spinners - MS., CU.

NM mom in coal mine drills with young workers.

Rock drill drill - CU.

Four friends from the team of installers Eugene Peretyatko pass through the territory of the Bratsk hydroelectric power station - MS.

E. Peretyatko, a former sailor I. Kucheruk, Spiderman, student Gidrostroitel Tildsher B., N. Ogar on construction - CU., PNRM.

Construction of the Bratsk hydroelectric station (shot from a cliff) - LS. (Long shot, fall).

The streets of the village of Bratsk, the asphalt road are trucks, cars, buses.

E. Peretyatko is in a comfortable apartment in the new house.

Peretyatko wife happily greets her husband at home.

E. Peretyatko at home includes radio and sits down to rest on the couch.

Alarm Clock - the 6 part of 10 minutes.

E. Peretyatko wrote a letter to his comrades at the station Moscow-sorting - CU., MS.

Letter - CU.

The explosion of the soil in the forest, on the construction site - MS.

Construction of the Bratsk hydroelectric station (shot from the high bank of Angara) - LS. (Spring).

Stern faces of workers - CU.

Tipper dumped into the hangar to the line overlap heavy boulders - LS., CU.

The driver of the truck cab windows looking at the falling blocks.

With the truck in the bubbling water falls huge block - CU.

Boiling water in a river -

General view of the last moment of overlap Angara - LS. (Night).

Sheds water rapidly pass through the ceiling - LS.

Bratsk hydroelectric dam - LS.s a / t, PNRM.

Cranes on a section of future hydropower - PNRM.

E. Peretyatko against fittings - CU.

Team of installers at work, the foreman gives instructions Peretyatko - MS.

Work in the pit HPP - MS.

Installation of metal structures, laying concrete slabs - MS., CU.

The installer on the valve, fixed insurance chain.

Panorama from the swirling water of the dam - MS.

Working on the construction of the dam brigade of communist labor Zorisa Gaynulin - MS., CU.

Workers talk to the chief engineer SM Vladimirov - MS., CU., PNRM.

Working hand shows where to send the goods - MS.

Laying liquid concrete dam in the grooves - MS., LS.

Workers at the diabase rock chop layers cracked monolith.

Flying down the cliff cleaved huge stones.

Brigadier Z. Gaynulin in a hospital bed in a sanatorium, the

Saki - MS., CU., PNRM.

A doctor examines a patient.

Team members wrote a joint letter to the patient foreman - MS.

Gaynulin patient walking in the garden in the sanatorium

Saki, reads a letter from co-workers - MS., CU.

Panorama of Bratsk hydroelectric power station - LS. with a / t

E. Peretyatko glues the envelope and wrote the address: "Moscow ...

Fisenko Alexander."

A. Fisenko prints envelope and read the letter from E. Peretyatko.

Komsomolskaya wedding locksmith depot Moscow-sorting genes Malkova and Inna Shalaginova, at the wedding the whole shop - different.

Feasts, dances - different.

YM old machinist Kondratiev's wedding - CU.

Newlyweds - MS., CU.