Health 1986 № 76

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: G.Chertov, V.Rodivilin, M.Gnesin, L.Boldireva

Operators: V.Ivanov, L.Nikeljberg, E.Chukovskij, E.Ueckij

Reel №1

In newsreel includes the following topics:

1st plot.

Without harm.

The story tells about the research that conducted by the Institute of Hygiene of children and teenagers in connection with the loads experienced by the students as a result of the new school reform.

In filming the following story: girl - a student in grade 8 sew on machines in the classroom work, students work at computers, experts from the institute test carried out tests to determine the degree of stress in children, discuss the survey results.

2nd story.

Diagnosis of gastric cancer.

In the story told about the benefits of preventive examinations, which allow an early stage to identify the disease including and cancer.

In filming the following story: A patient at the doctor's, gasteroskopicheskoe and X-ray examination of the patient to determine his cancer, an operation in a clinic, the doctor examines the patient after the operation.

Third plot.

Unusual dispensary.

The story tells about a new form of treatment of alcoholics in specialized dispensaries at large industrial enterprises.

In filming the following story:

general appearance of the building, which houses the office of the Moscow District Drug Drug Dependency Clinic, General Directorate of Health Leningrad Executive Committee, interview with the chief doctor A.Badhena (sinhr.), patients on psychotherapy, acupuncture; people at the exit from the lobby of one of the stations mietro Leningrad, Leningrad street view.

4th story.

Year-round outdoors.

Kindergarten pupils in the classroom under the supervision of an educator fizkultroy outdoors: run, climb ladders and ropes, perform gymnastic exercises.

Key words

Medicine. Psychology. Care for the population. Pre-school education. Schooling. City.