Health № 97 (1989)

Newsreel №51254, 1 part, duration: 0:09:51
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:N.Guljchuk, A.Torgalo, E. Taravkova,Yu.Aljdohin,N.Polonskaya
Camera operators:V.Sveshnikov,Yu.Kuznecova,S.Rahomyagi,V.Motichenkov
Other authors:Zvukooperator N.Kuznecov


If the heart has stopped ...; Carefully, mushrooms!; From excesses in food and alcohol; With the help of ultrasound.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1 plot.

If the heart has stopped.



Machine "ambulance" is approaching the building cafe "Biryusa."

Doctors give first aid to an elderly man lying on a bench in, surrounded by men.

Doctor shows and explains the example of how to properly administer first aid during a heart attack: making artificial respiration and heart massage man lying on the floor in the office.

People walk through the city streets.

2 plot.

With the help of ultrasound.


Branch of Thoracic Surgery at Children's Hospital № 9. The doctor examines the x-rays of human lung diagnosed with pneumonia.

Fragments of lung surgery to remove a child.

MLTP scheme of operations in the human lung using ultrasound.

PNRM. X-rays on the baby's lungs.

Young children after surgeries lie on beds in a hospital ward.

Paramedics play with children in the nursery of the hospital.

3 plot.

From excesses in food and alcohol ....

Caricature drawings on the topic of alcohol and overeating.

Photographs depicting people getting sick gout.

Doctor examines a patient man in the House, conducts various physiotherapy treatments to relieve inflammation in gout.

Patients engaged in physical therapy, massage at the gym.

The man is running through a forest alley.

Fruit still life on a background of maple leaves.

4 plot.

Carefully mushrooms!



One of the vegetable markets.

People buy various vegetables.

Counters with mushrooms.

Woman with a girl gather mushrooms in a birch grove, sort them.

Pictures of different kinds of fungi.

Herd of cows grazing in a meadow, away wooden houses (landscape).

Woman with a little girl with a basket of mushrooms go along the edge of the forest.

Key words

City transport.
Private trade.
The struggle for a healthy lifestyle.

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