Fishermen on the workload 1984 № 4

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: E.Eratov

Operators: A.Gorchukov, K.Fedorovich, R.Kreps, I.Puntakov

Reel №1

Newsreel consists of four stories.

Removed by order of the Ministry of Fisheries of the USSR.

The first part.

1st plot.


Russia, Primorsky Krai,


Expanses of the Pacific Ocean; ship sails.

Deck plavzavoda "Sergei Lazo."

Komsomol youth crew plavzavoda behalf XXVI CPSU Congress prepares to sail.

Captain N.V.Emelyanov plant manager works with a map of the route of movement.

Plavzavoda at sea.

Crew members at the controls. N.V.Emelyanov holds planning meeting the operational headquarters for the audit readiness of all units.

Production processing and butchering fresh fish, crabs, shrimp and canned food production.

The technician checks the quality of the finished product.

Plavzavoda working in leisure hours reading newspapers and books in the library, play table tennis, dancing in the bar.

2nd story. "FISH grow ... in the steppe."

Russia, Rostov region.

Kind of farm ponds for fish industry "Precepts of Ilyich."

Mechanical cleaning of the pond vegetation with a special mower to aquatic plants.

Fertilizing in the pond to improve the growth of plankton.

Distribution of fish feed with a special dispenser installed in the boat.

Heron in the water.

Hatchery management.

Experts at work.

Caviar in the glass container.

Fish larvae.

The farmers catch juvenile fish nets of wintering ponds in early spring.

Loading fry machine in "Live fish" and transport it to the fishing ponds.

Birch trees in yellow foliage.

Discharge of water from the pond.

Farm workers caught fish from the pond.

Handling of fish in specialized machines.

Kolkhoz chairman I.V.Abramov group aquaculturists.

Vehicular traffic on the highway.

Riding machine "Live fish."

Part Two.

Third plot. "Thousands of Kherson CARE INSPECTION."

Ukraine, Kherson region.

Head of Kherson inspection fishing control S.T.Artyuschik admonishes members of inspection flight.

Ship inspection with members of the Lower Dnieper and Kakhovka reservoir.

Fishermen pulling out net with large mesh of water into the boat.

Inspector looking through binoculars.

The inspector checks the weight of fish caught in the balance, present while taking a sample to determine the age of the fish.

The inspector warning conversation with fishermen.

Building Kakhovska HPP. Inspection Officer and heads out of the building HPP, pass through the dam.

Inspection staff check the status of water bodies, take a water sample after treatment facilities, check recording observations in a journal.

The guys from the group "Blue Patrol" along with members of the inspection checks spawning nests.

View of fishing ponds.

Fisheries staff collected sturgeon fingerlings and releasing them into the Dnieper River in the presence of inspection.

Kherson ship inspection fishing control in the way.

4th story. "In the fishing collective farm" Baltika ".

Russia, Leningrad region., Kingiseppsky area.

Type of fishing village on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.

Fishing vessels in the waters of the Gulf.

Fishing vessels farm "Baltika" with fishing boats in tow.

Fishermen unload caught fish in the boat.

Seagulls over the water.

Seine fishing in the Baltic Sea.

Seiner crew unloads fish from the net to the deck.

Delivery to other seiner catch on fish processing plant, built at the expense of farm and by farmers.

Buildings combine fishing, fish processing workshop.

Production processes of cutting, smoking and preserving fish.

Finished products plant.

Kind of cage farming farm "Baltika" on Kopanskii lake.

Installation of automatic feeders.

Hatchery management, fry in special pools.

Fish splashing in the pond.

Farm workers cottage settlement "Baltika".

Buildings kindergarten and nurseries on the farm; children playing in the yard.

Fishing boats in the harbor.

Signpost with the inscription: "Baltika.

Fishing collective farm. "

Key words

Fish farming and fishing, fishing farm. Maritime transport. Food industry. Fishing industry. Labor. Improvement of working conditions. Wildlife. Road transport. Out of school education. Pioneer organization. Energy. Pre-school education.