Through the Karelian-Finnish Republic 1952 № 3

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Producer LSDF

Director: T. Prokofjeva

Reel №1


Deputy Chairman of the Stalin Collective Farm karelka Alexandrov in the classroom in secondary agricultural school among other students of the school.

City of Moscow.

The third session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Deputies in the hall, the presidium.

Member of the Supreme Council of Alexandrov at the session.


Protest rally against the use of U.S. forces bacteriological weapons at Petrozavodsk house-building plant.


Karelian-Finnish Drama Theatre.

The audience in the theater building.

Poster in Finnish.

Fragment of the play by Nikolai Gogol comedy "The Inspector General" (sinhr. in Finnish).

Starring: ES Tomberg, VE Suny Lankinen, Humtah.

Spectators in the courtroom.

Actors in the dressing room.


Ski holiday the Lithuanian SSR. Cross-country skiing.


Award winners.

Key words

Initial vocational education. The highest authorities and institutions. Protests. The struggle for peace. Theatre. Skiing. National policy. Population.