Recollections about Lenin.. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gurov S.

Script writers: Karavkin U.

Operators: Reyzman O.

Composers: Kholminov A.

Anouncers: Shumakov G.


The basis of this film on the life and work of Lenin in Moscow and Moscow region, memories of the old Bolsheviks, relatives and friends of Lenin.

Temporary description

Streets, houses, offices in Moscow regarding the occupation of Lenin. Apartment of Lenin in the Kremlin. Exhibits Lenin Museum "Lenin Hills." Art paintings of Lenin. Newsreel. Lenin, M. Ulyanov in the car at Khodynka during a May Day parade in Moscow, Lenin and VD Bonch-a walk in the Kremlin, speeches of Lenin in Red Square in front of the parade participants universal military training, from the balcony of City Council. Lenin and Dzerzhinsky at the podium during a parade in Red Square. Lenin speaking at the II-Second Congress of the Comintern. Photographs of Lenin, Krupskaya, members of the Ulyanov family, Sverdlov, Stalin, Kalinin, E. Stasova. With memories of the VI Lenin spoke ED Stasov (synchronously), a farmer PA Kochetova (synchronous), FN Petrov (synchronously). Machinist-sorting depot Moscow YM Kondratyev tells of the first Communist subbotniks.

Reel №1

VI Lenin on a walk in the Kremlin Palace - CU.

The Moscow Kremlin. the Moskva River (summer).

Kremlin tower - MS.

The Grand Kremlin Palace - LS.

Bell chimes of the Spassky Tower of the Kremlin - MS., PNRM.

Spasskaya clock tower 6:00 am - CU., LS.

Beats bell clock - CU.

Moscow river and Kremlin embankment - LS. with a / t

Red Square in the XIX century. - Engraving, Sukharev Tower, the church - engraving.

The library of the Rumyantsev Museum, where he worked VI Lenin.

The plaque on the library building.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin in August 1893 and February 1897 he was engaged in the library of the Rumyantsev Museum.

Engraving of old Moscow - PNRM.

The painting "Lenin at a student party» - MS., LS.

Dacha outside Moscow sisters VI Lenin AI Yelizarova in Kuzminki which was often VI Lenin - LS., PNRM., MS., Summer.

The title page of Lenin's book "What is the Friends of the People, and How They Fight the Social Democrats» - CU.

Lane in the Arbat district, where his mother lived VI VI Lenin and stayed Lenin in 1897.

Portrait of Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova - mother VI Lenin - CU.

The house in which she lived, MA Ulyanov.

The plaque on the house "VI Lenin lived in this house before leaving for the Simbirsk estate ... »- CU.

Photo VI Lenin made the gendarmerie secret police - MS., Hitting.

PNRM. the cobblestones - MS. summer.

House Ulyanov Podolsk - MS., Summer.

The dining room in the house Ulyanov.

Portraits VI Lenin, AI Mother, DI Ulyanov, MI Mother, MT Elizarova NK Krupskaya - MS. (90 years).

Rooms in the house Ulyanov in Podolsk.

Painting VI Lenin among the revolutionaries in his mother's house.

Outskirts Podolsk - LS., Summer.

Paintings on the theme of the 1905 Revolution

PNRM. Bulletins VIII-th Congress of the Soviets - MS. (Articles about the feat Presnya workers).

House in Merzlyakovsky Lane, in which Lenin discussed the lessons of the December uprising in an illegal meeting.

The plaque on the house to commemorate the participation of VI Lenin in an illegal meeting of mentor group of the Moscow Committee of the RSDLP in 1906.

House Ostozhenka, where she was one of the last meetings VI Lenin from Moscow Bolsheviks before the Revolution.

Picture of the life and work of VI Lenin.


Moscow 20s - LS. with a / point.

Portrait of VI Lenin - CU.


The corridor of the hotel "National", hitting the door number 107, where he lived VI Lenin in 1918.

View of the Kremlin from the window of room number 107 of the hotel "National".

Footage of the VI Lenin.

Moscow Kremlin Wall - MS.

Arsenal building in the Kremlin - MS.

Tsar Bell - MS., Summer.

Tsar Cannon - MS.


Cathedral of the Assumption - MS.

Detail of the facade of the cathedral.

The altar in the cathedral - MS.

Icons of Andrei Rublev in the cathedral.

Great Belltower - PNRM. from top to bottom, MS.


Russia stands with treasures.

Chandeliers in the St.

George Hall of the Kremlin.

George Hall - LS.

The Grand Kremlin Palace - MS.

Tower with stars - MS.

Red flag flying on the dome of the building of the Council of Ministers in the Kremlin - MS.

Moscow Kremlin and Moskva river - summer., LS.

The building in the Kremlin, which was a study of VI Lenin after the transfer of the capital from Petrograd to Moscow in 1918.

The room in which he worked and lived VI Lenin, VI things Lenin.

Footage of the VI Lenin for the years 1918-1920.

Reel №2

Grabar's painting "VI Lenin at the telegraph. "

Animation: interventionist plan to strangle the Soviet state in 1918.

The streets of old Moscow - MS.

Parade in 1918 on Khodynka.

The parade arrived by car: VI Lenin, MI Ulyanov, N. Krupskaya.

Train was on the way.

Troops going to the front to defend Soviet Russia from invaders.

Footage of the VI Lenin.

Party ticket VI Ulyanov (Lenin).

The plaque on the building of the Museum, where VI Lenin spoke in April and August 1918.

The building of the Museum.

Painting "VI Lenin stands in the shop of the plant "Electric power" - now "Dynamo".

The building of a textile factory "Tryokhgornaya manufactory".

Lefortovo barracks - MS.

Animation: map indicating the locations where VI Lenin advocated in one day - nodules on the building where Lenin spoke.

Permit issued by the VI Lenin MK party at two rallies in the former Corn Exchange.

The building housing the plant grenade Michelson.

Picture of the performance of VI Lenin at the meetings of the workers.

Animation: report of attempted VI Lenin.

Kremlin Embankment at night, the Cathedral of the Kremlin, Moscow street (evening - LS.)., Summer.

Building, apartment VI Lenin in the Kremlin (evening without people).

Copies of the newspaper "Pravda" for 1918.

Telegraph prints on the tape telegram VI Lenin of the capture of the city of Simbirsk.

House Ulyanov in Simbirsk.

Rooms in the house-museum.

Copy of the newspaper "The Petrograd Pravda" with the response VI Lenin's Red Army.

Portrait of VI Lenin - CU.

Latest bulletin on the health of VI Lenin Lenin, with a note not to bother doctors calls.

VI Lenin and Bonch-a walk in the Kremlin - historical footage.


Landscape with pines - MS.


North Wing in the Hills, where he settled VI Lenin.

The room in which he lived and worked VI Lenin in Gorki.

VI Lenin on Red Square on May 25, 1919, which marked the anniversary of the Universal Military Training.

Young people go to the front - LS., MS.

VI Lenin made a speech to the parade Vsevobuch.

VI Lenin speaks from the balcony of City Council.

Red Army soldiers in the square listening to Lenin - synchronously.

Parade in Red Square on the second anniversary of the October Revolution.

VI Lenin, Felix Dzerzhinsky in the stands.

Posters "chest to the defense of Petrograd," 'To protect the Ural »- MS.

Trains at the station - LS.

Old driver, a member of the first communist subbotnik YM Kondratyev tells young workers at the depot on Subbotniks Moscow-sorting - synchronously.


The locomotive, which was renovated communist Moscow-sorting depot in the first communist Saturday April 12, 1919.

The inscription on the train, "This locomotive was ...".

Cover of book VI Lenin's "Great Beginning" (The Shattered way dump broken locomotives and wagons) - old footage.

Reel №3

Portrait of VI Lenin - CU.

Paintings and drawings by the artist Zhukov and other artists of the life and activity of VI Lenin.

Photo: conversation VI Lenin and HG Wells, an American economist Hristensonom.

Documents signed by VI Lenin.

Kremlin Wall - MS.

Tainitsky corner garden in the Kremlin, where he loved to rest VI Lenin - MS., Summer.

Car delegates III Congress of the Comintern in the Kremlin.

Congress delegates at the meeting.

Performance of VI Lenin at the Congress.

VI Lenin, sitting on the steps, making notes - historical footage.

Sverdlovsk Hall in the Kremlin, which hosted the party congresses - LS. without people.

Photos VI Lenin, JM Sverdlov, FE Dzerzhinsky, IV Stalin, MI Kalinin, RD Stasov.

Draft resolution X Congress of the Party, written by VI Lenin - CU.

Landscapes suburbs - LS. summer.

Ponds - LS.

White lilies on a pond - MS., CU.

Woodman Egorov hunting in the forest.

Ponds in a peaceful Zabolotie.

A flock of ducks on a pond - PNRM., MS.


Hunting hut on an island pond.

Street of the village with a well Poivevo - MS., LS.

The hut sits at the window and said to the old woman of VI Lenin (synchronously).

The huts of poor peasants in the countryside - MS., LS.

An old woman spinning flax spinning wheel on the light the oil lamp.

Landscape of fields with birch - LS.

Peasant village Modenovo PA Kochetova pioneers tells of how in their village in 1920, came to VI Lenin (synchronously).

Obelisk with the inscription "Here December 15, 1920 stayed VI Lenin "(where there was a house forester Novikova) - MS., CU.

Listen Kochetov pioneers and the old farmer.

Minutes of the meeting of the peasants of the village Modenova signed by VI Lenin.

Landscapes area surrounding the village of Malcev-Prozovo where rested VI Lenin - LS., Summer.

Photo: V. Lenin and his family sitting in a car in the village of Malcev-Prozovo.

PNRM., Village farm "Forest Glade", established 40 years ago on the initiative of VI Lenin - LS. with a / t, summer.

Monument VI Lenin in the village - MS.

Cow cattle farm farm farm and in the meadow - LS.


Farm workers - Heroes of Socialist Labor.

Monument VI Lenin in the village of Kashino - LS., MS.

Photo: V. Lenin and NK Krupskaya among the peasants of the village of Kashino.

The old village of peasants Kashino remember build a power plant on the initiative of VI Lenin in their village.

Power plant in Yaropolov.

Turbine power plant and dam Yaropolskoy.

Volkhov hydropower - LS.


Dnieper - LS., Summer.

Kuibyshev hydroelectric Lenin - LS.


Kuibyshev hydroelectric turbine hall - LS.

Shmatko's painting "VI Lenin at the electrification plan.

Lenin Komsomol Theater building on Malaya Dmitrovka (Chekhov street), which took place III Congress of the Young Communist League.

Picture of the performance of VI Lenin at the III Congress of the Young Communist League.

Fragments of paintings.

Portrait of VI Lenin - CU.

Old Bolshevik FN Petrov, who led the first years of Soviet power Glavnauka in the office at work.

Reel №4

Old Bolshevik FN Peter spoke of the assistance of the Soviet state, Academician Pavlov (synchronously).

Historical footage: Academician Pavlov in Koltushi.

The building of the Institute of Genetics - MS.

Academician Pavlov is scientific observation of monkeys.

Moscow first years of Soviet power - LS. with a / t

Muscovites celebrated MN Ermolov on the 50th anniversary of her stage career, when she was the first in the country, was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Republic.

Protocol on assignment MN Yermolova the title of People's Artist of the Republic, signed by VI Lenin.

House of Leo Tolstoy in Khamovniki, on the suggestion of VI Lenin's preserved as a museum - LS., Autumn.

Painting "VI Lenin and AM Bitter on the porch. "

Mashkov Lane, where he lived AM Bitter.

Room in the house AM Gorky, now a museum AM Gorky.

Piano in the room of the museum AM Gorky.

Painting "VI Lenin and the family AM Bitter listen Dobroveyna game on the piano, "Senate Appassionata."

House VI Lenin in Gorki - LS., MS., Autumn.

Park, alley, where he loved to walk VI Lenin - autumn.

VI Lenin in Gorki.

Pictures, photos.

The room in which he lived, VI Lenin and his family.

Objects, things that are used by Lenin.

Jack London's book "Love of Life."

Landscapes in Gorki Lenin - LS., MS., Autumn.

The road VI Lenin went to Gorky last time - November 19, 1919 - LS., Autumn.

Poster "Parties plow - tractor rides» - CU.

The first agricultural show in Moscow - LS., MS.

Fairground rides for caterpillar (1913).

ENEA: sculpture Mukhina, the main pavilion, farm machinery, "TU-104" at the pavilion engineering, summer.

Monument VI Lenin - MS.

Animation: the rocket takes off and flies around the globe.

Moscow Helicopter - LS., Summer.