Fourth Dream Akhmatova.. (1988)

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Producer LSDF

Director: N.Obuhovich

Script writers: N.Obuhovich, V.Balayan

Operators: S.Skvorcov

Composers: Marat Kamilov

Recordist: L.Lerner


Once in one of the Leningrad Newspapers received a letter, which contained a plan of complete Communist transformation of the world in the spirit of utopia Chernyshevsky. Its author is a country doctor Anna Andreevna Avseeva. Date of birth - December 30, 1922 - the day of formation of the USSR. This woman went through the front, for the assassination of officers were sent to labor camps, where she saw a model of heaven on earth. Her idols, Chernyshevsky, Goethe, Rasul Gamzatov and Saint Nicholas. In the dream, comes to her Lenin, and their relationship is more than friendly. Her madness - her world is logical and slender, but, unfortunately, has no relation to reality. She is the only person who helps the sick in this little village.

Reel №1

Nurse village infirmary A.A.Avzeeva talks about his faith in the ideals of communism, the worship of Lenin, about his difficult path of life, which was ten years in the camps, and a suicide attempt, and the war, and love.

The first part.

Snow-covered house in the village street.

Wooden house in winter in the foreground as a weathervane airplane in one of the courtyards.

Boy walking down the street.

Dog on a chain running through the snow at home.

A panorama of the artist's paintings V.Grebennikova.

A.A.Avzeeva in his kitchen talks about how she shot himself with a pistol, about his dreams, recalls passages from Chernyshevsky, talks about life, past and present, about the building of communism, the situation of women and children in society (sinhr.).

Cabinet A.A.Avzeevoy in the infirmary: cat stove, poster "SAVE MOTHERS 'couch behind the screen. A.A.Avzeeva floods oven.

The second part.

A.A.Avzeeva sitting at the kitchen table, tells how she is living under communism, she wrote letters to Brezhnev, its relation to the restructuring, as she moved from the city of Bratsk in the village, about his work in the infirmary, about trying to go to college (sinhr.).

Panorama picture by artist V.Grebennikova religious theme.

A.A.Avzeeva comes to his office, washes his hands, put to boil syringes.

A.A.Avzeeva goes on a snowy street.

Passers-by on the street.

A woman carries a bucket on a sled, dog running alongside.

Mature woman in boots looking at the camera.

A.A.Avzeeva discusses I.Gete tragedy "Faust", the famine in the Volga region, how fought in the Great Patriotic War, as requested by the front line (sinhr.).

Wooden houses under the snow.

Poster announcing a competition for the best home ownership in anticipation of the 70th anniversary of the Great October Revolution.

The third part.

A.A.Avzeeva sitting at the kitchen table, talks about his dreams of living in a camp in the Gorky region, his faith in communism, love (sinhr.)

Winter, snow-covered field, a man walks along the path, in the background - trees, wooden house.

The view from the window of a house on the vane in the yard.

A.A.Avzeeva talks about his faith in the Communist Party, on how it is Lenin, as it helps in life, about human loneliness, sings a song (sinhr.).

Panorama picture by artist V.Grebennikova.

Cat on the table, standing next to a sewing machine.

A.A.Avzeeva demonstrates his drawing of the future city.

Key words

Landscapes. Wildlife. Cities, towns, villages. Painting. Care for the population. National life.

Reel №2

Reel №3