Revival.. (1967)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Yu.Gershtejn

Script writers: T.Nepomnyaschij

Operators: B.Lebedev, E.Shlyuglejt

Other authors: Scenarij T. Nepomnyaschego, hudozhnik V. Ivanov, kompozitor L. Gedravichus, zvukooperator R.Levitina


The film is dedicated to restorers restoring monuments and palaces of Leningrad. On the restoration of architectural monuments of Leningrad and its suburbs, suffered in the years of the great Patriotic war.

Reel №1



Bolsheokhtinsky bridge across the river Neva.

Architectural design of the bridge in the background - church.


The General Staff building.

Alexander Column.

Movement of cars and trucks on the area.

Vasilievsky Island.

Rostral column.

Dome of St.

Isaac's Cathedral.


Spire of the Admiralty.

Winter Palace.

River port city.

Ships are at berth.

Working construction cranes.

Florentine lion statue at the Palace Pier.

Destroyed buildings in the city.

Ruined columns of one of the architectural ensembles.

Cleavage of firearms on the column of the architectural ensemble.

Restorers restore previous form on photographs of the Grand Palace in Peterhof and Catherine Palace.

Drawings of buildings and restoration projects.

Meeting of the Academic Council on Monuments of Leningrad.

Portraits FB Rastrelli (Art PA Rotary nach.1760), the AD Zakharov, AN Voronikhin Carlo Rossi.

Chronicle. , 1941-1945.


German soldier holding a combat round.

German forces charged artillery launcher projectiles induce sight installation, shooting at monuments.

German planes in the sky.

Reset bombs (photographed from the air).

Ruined palaces and monuments.

1945-1947 gg.


Isaac's Cathedral.

Truck traffic with the sculpture "Samson tearing the lion's mouth" on St.

Isaac's Square.

Rides a motorcycle, truck and bus.

Personnel chronicles the end of the 1940s.


Restorer works on one of the buildings down on the rope (removed from the upper point).

Leningrad region.

Petrodvorets (Peterhof).

Palace and park ensemble.

Grand Palace, the cascade.

Sea Canal.

Central part of the ensemble.

Samson fountain.

Chronicle. 1945-1947 gg.


Types of buildings in the city.

The building with the sign "Pharmacy."

Transportation sculpture "Samson tearing the lion's mouth" on the truck.

Children run the truck.


Late 1940s - 1950s.

Petrodvorets (Peterhof).

Ruined the Grand Palace and the Grand Cascade.

City Pavlovsk.

Pavlovsk Palace and Park.

Chronicle. , 1941-1945.

Ruined Pavlovsk Palace.

Monument to Emperor Paul I on the pedestal.


Catherine Palace.

Side wing and the home church.

PNRM. the building of the palace.

Interior view rooms.



Destroyed buildings.

Oil-drenched murals, old books and paintings.



Crane lifts the statue fragment (head of Ramses II), a special transport ship.

Rock temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel (Nubia).

Restorers attached cracked a fragment of one of the monuments.




Restoration Jordan staircase.

Kazan Cathedral.

Restoration columns and facade of the building.

Menshikov Palace on the University Embankment.

Cabinet AD Menshikov.

Vestibule of the palace.

Restorers test-clearing column capitals.

Yelagin Palace.

Interior view of the palace halls.

Decorative painting and frescoes on the ceiling and walls.

City Pavlovsk.

Pavlovsk Palace.

Ruined walls and halls of the palace.

Restorers at work.

Chief curator AM Kutyumov says (behind the scenes) of frescoes P. Gonzaga.


Catherine Palace.

Trippers queue at the entrance to the building.


Interior of one of the halls of the palace.

Antique clocks, candlesticks, fireplace.

Supervisor VV Lem says (behind the scenes) for reconstruction work in the palace.

Interior trim and stairs of one of the halls of the palace.

Restorers working hammer and chisel, hew board.



Ruined Hall of the Grand Catherine Palace.

Restorer examines surviving interior of the palace.

Wreckage frames palace of mirrors.

Battered sculptures, fragments of sculptures.


Technological processes of restoration of monuments.

Restorer cleans the surface of the sculpture steel rod (chisel) to obtain relief patterns and images.

Designs and models of sculptures.

Lily of Swedish sculptor sculpture model prepares for the carver.

Chronicle. 1930-1941 gg.

Great Hall of the Catherine Palace.

Chronicle. 24.01.1944 year.

Ruined Great Hall of the Catherine Palace.

Sappers inspect the palace grounds tame mine detectors, digging tools Demining mines.

Neutralized mines.

Chronicle. [1950-1959 gg.].

Restoration works of the destroyed palace.

YAK-24 helicopter takes off from the territory of the Grand Catherine Palace.

Works propeller helicopter.

Chronicle. 1960-1967 gg.

Great Hall of the Catherine Palace.

Interior view of the hall.

Wooden structures and ceilings.

Restorer-modeler in the workshop restores wall ornamental carving hall paints on glass copy of thread features of the model.

Models workpieces.

Tools for carving.

Work master carvers A.Kochuev and Vinogradov.

Chronicle. , 1941-1945.

Siege of Leningrad.

Saleswoman knife cuts a piece of black bread, weighs in the balance.

USSR. Destroyed building.

Wooden buildings.

Farmers plow oxen land, sow grain.

Cost broken German armored vehicle in the field.

Chronicle. 1943-1945 gg.


Women open wooden shelter with monuments.

Monument to Peter I (Bronze Horseman) covered soil, sand, leather boards - in the background the church.

Soviet soldiers are watching the opening of the monument.

Chronicle. [1945-1950 gg.].


Transporting a horse statue.


Restoration workshops.

Other masters restorers: welders, carvers, painters and engravers on metal.



Scientific and restoration workshop.

Art restorer BA Mutskevich draws the image on the tile, the tile down in a specially prepared glaze, puts in the oven.

Ancient Chinese silk wallpaper.

Art restorer AV Borisova restores fabric wallpaper.


Interior view of one of the halls.

Wall panels.

Marble statue.

Restoration workshops.

Restorer brush cleans plaque with a marble sculpture of an angel, a special compound treats the surface.

Marble sculpture of an angel, cleaned to white.

Bronze sculpture.

Laboratory employee workshops on preparing special solutions.

Technological processes for cleaning and aging bronze.


Plate gilded monuments.

N. Rogozin restorer restores sculpture leaf gilding.

Technological process of gilding monuments.

Method of gilding on polyment.

Master gilder at work.

Restoration workshop woodcarving.

AL Gemelts working on mirror frames.

FV Kuksinsky for woodcarving.

BK Gershelman restores KUPECHESKAYA Petrodvorets ladder.

Baluster staircase.


Floor of one of the halls of the palace.

Restorer at work, saws hacksaw board cleans burrs, grinds.

Chronicle. 1941-1942.

Siege of Leningrad.

Dead Girl.


Chronicle. 1941-1942.

Siege of Leningrad.

Dead Girl.

A man raises an exhausted woman.


Trinity bridge across the river Neva.

Bronze sculpture symbolizing the "Motherland" on Piskarevsky.

Memorial to victims of the besieged Leningrad at the Seraphim Cemetery.

Vasilievsky Island.

Rostral columns.

Spire of Peter and Paul Fortress on the spire of the Admiralty building.


Central Naval Museum.

Movement of the trolley car and passenger area.

Chronicle. , 1941-1944.

Leningrad region.

City Pavlovsk.

Ruined Pavlovsk Palace.

Pavlovsk Palace.

Italian, Greek and throne halls of the palace.

Restoration work of the palace.

Work restorers, carvers.

Petrodvorets (Peterhof).

Grand Palace.

Interior view of the Throne Hall: bas, crystal chandelier.

Sculptors Mikhailova and E. Maslennikov examined under a magnifying glass Photo Palace.

Restorers working on restoring the palace reliefs, compare photos.

Composition reliefs.

Bas "Roman soldiers surrounded Svyatoslav Child", made in plasticine.

Plaster bas-relief "Baptism of Olga."


Leningrad region.

Restoration workshop.

Restorer restores element crystal chandelier.


Watchmaker considering a magnifying glass element clockwork.

Powered pendulum clocks.

Watch the imperial court.


Catherine Palace.

The Amber Room.

The decoration of the Amber Room: vintage boxes, chess.

Restoration work in the halls of the palace.

Restorer restores decorative parquet.

Tiler lays tile.

Picture Hall.

Restorer imposes gilt relief on wall of the hall.

Art restorers rolled roll pictorial cloth.

Picture Hall ceiling.

November 4, 1967. AK Kochuev handed the keys to the Picture Hall Director Catherine Palace Museum GE Belyaev.

Chronicle. [Germany]. , 1941-1945.

A column of German soldiers smiling.

German convoy movement on the road.

German soldiers shaving, reading the newspaper.

Physical fitness German soldiers.

Soldiers train on the bar, jump.

German girls dancing.

Soldiers look at the dancing girls.

Adolf Hitler and members of the high command of the German military awards handed (Knight's Cross) officers of the German army.


Battered reliefs, sculptures and monuments of the city.

Destroyed and burning buildings.


Alexander Column.

Trolleybus, trucks and cars on the streets.

Lomonosov Bridge.

Movement of buses and trucks on the bridge.

Equestrian statue of Peter on a pedestal.


Cabinet of curiosities.

Embankment of the Neva River.

Key words

City. Christianity. Art. Architecture. Sculpture. Monuments. Restoration. Museums. Painting. The Great Patriotic War. Passenger transport. Freight. City transport. River transport and road. Bridges. Air transport. Pharmacy business.