Public interest.. (1986)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: E. Zajceva

Script writers: V.Bejder

Operators: A. Gorodchaninov

Other authors: Scenarij - V. Bejder. Zvuk - N. Shknevskaya.


The film examines the important problems of our economy: what you need to do to connect the interests of the individual employee, team and society in General that needs to be done to everyone's interest was the public interest.

Reel №1

People buy in stores shoes, clothes, radios.

Return the defective goods.

Cashier Company receives money in the bank to pay salaries.

Manufacture of footwear in shoe factory shop.

Planned economy, planned production, excluding the material interest of the manufacturer and the quality of products.

Head of building trust, working on the economic contract, NI lieutenant says (synchronously) on the need for a new mechanism of economic management.

Key words

Common questions of economic policy. State trade. Footwear industry.