Primorye.. (1979)

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Producer LSDF

Director: L. Cherencov

Script writers: N.Snegina, L.Cherencov

Operators: Yu. Nikolaev

Composers: S.Tombak

Anouncers: K.Lavrov

Recordist: V.Petriashvili

Other authors: K. Lavrov (diktor), A. M. Gorodnickij (tekst pesni)


A detailed film about the Primorsky Krai. Vladivostok in Sikhote-Alin, nature, taiga, mountains. Industry, agriculture, rice fields. Fishermen, seascapes, port work, kitobazy.

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Primorsky Krai.


Flora and fauna. of


Streets, buildings, plazas.

Traffic, pedestrians.


The Cove "Golden Horn."

Typhoon "Irving."

City streets, filled with streams of water.

People walk under heavy wind.

Meeting whalers.


A waitress serves patrons in the restaurant "Forest zaimka."

Naval parade in honor of the Navy.

Farm "ginseng".

Ginseng plantation.


Khrustal'nensky tin mining plant.

Kavalerovo village.

Airport. of


Mines production association "Dalpolimetall."

Chemical Plant.

Rural settlements.

Cattle farm.

Rice fields.

Novospasskiy cement plant. of


Streets and buildings.


Monument VK Arsenyev.

Aviation Plant.

Assembly and testing of sports Yak-50. Production processes at Dalzavod.

Seiners fishing in the sea.

Saury fishing.

Cannery on Shikotan.

Dal'rybvtuz students on a field trip, classroom.

Mother ship at sea.

Fishing, processing and preserving of crabs.

Bay Nakhodka.


Trade agreement with the foreign firm.

Foreign merchant ships at berth.

Wrangel Bay.

Port "Oriental".

Loading timber, coal on the ship. of


Monuments GI Nevelsky, IF Krusenstern.

Key words

Construction industry. Aviation industry. Shipbuilding industry. Fisheries and fishing communities. Food industry. Beekeeping. Vocational education. Economic ties. Maritime transport. Crop. City. Mining. Natural disasters. Air transport.

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