On the Steep Rise.. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Belyaev V.

Script writers: Belikov V., Belyaev V.

Anouncers: Khmara L., Chernykh L.


About development of agriculture of the country.

Temporary description

Scientific-nugget TS Maltsev working on a book examining the collective field. Tractor plowing in the field. Employees MTS inspect equipment. Does the train from the platform at one of the stations in Moscow with virgin landers. They come with convoys of tractors, agricultural machinery. Tselinny settlement. Agricultural work in one of the virgin farms. Job livestock farms in the Ryazan region, the Baltic states. Corn fields in Krasnodar, Stavropol. Cleaning maize farms of Kursk region. Participants at the Agricultural Exhibition in the pavilions. Academician AG Lorch demonstrates cultivar. Academician Tsitsin tells about new varieties of wheat. Street virgin settlement "Ordzhonikidze. City of Moscow. 1959. Delegates XXI Congress of the CPSU in the Kremlin, in the meeting room. Among those present: TS Maltsev and other masters Ilskogo economy. Speech by Khrushchev. Awarding the foremost agriculture.

Reel №1

Spring scenery.

Collective farmers in the field.

Scientist-field crop TS Maltsev in the field: the work of the house in the evening - LS., MS., CU.

Write out the words from the book Maltsev.

Their fields Tajik collective farm chairman "Moscow" Urunhodzhaev - MS., CU.; Chairman of the Uzbek collective farm "Shark Yulduzi" Tursunkulov - MS., CU.

Ryazan Kolkhoz KK Petukhov - CU.

Industrial plans.

Agricultural machinery in MTS.

New collective farm buildings.

Newsreel 1953:

The old village, agricultural co-operative.

The collective farm meeting.

Winter in the village.

Agronomists conducted with farmers training.

Girls selected for grain family plots.

Checking the seeds for germination.

School mechanics.

Minsk - LS.

Volunteers "tridtsatitysyachniki" in the DPC.

Reel №2


Animation: map of virgin lands.

Newsreel 50's.:

Komsomol members receive vouchers for the virgin soil.

Check out the youth to the virgin lands in Moscow and other cities.

Go to the virgin soil compositions with tractors, agricultural machinery, oil.

Toboggan train first virgin soil, moving to places of future farms.

Tent city.

Preparation of farm implements for plowing.

The first furrow.

The first sowing.

Construction of new roads.

Virgin field of wheat.

Grazing cows.

Milkmaid farm "The foundation of socialism" PN carpets and other milkmaids cows - MS., CU.

Calf farm "It's October" KK Petukhov with calves in the calf shed, a corn field chastises tractor for poor cultivation, on the bold corn cob considering.

Cows eat corn.

Khrushchev in a cornfield farm "Path of Lenin."

Chairman of the kolkhoz "Dawn" KP Orlovsky talks with farmers in a corn field - MS., CU.

Corn fields in Latvia, in Yakutia, in the south.

The opening of a bronze bust of the farm "Radyanska Ukraine" in honor of two-time Hero of Socialist Labor Stepanida Vishtak - CU.

S. Vishtak.

Bronze bust.


Reel №3

PNRM. on the street of the village Kalinovka Kursk region.

The woman at the column.

Animation: land use plan.

The collective farm meeting.

Chairperson of the farm Grachev.

Harvesting of corn in the field and laid it in silos.

Farm chairman Comintern Tambov region EI Andreev in the field, on a pig farm, in construction.

Collective farmer gets the money and grain for their labor.

Collective farmers in the culture, in the reading room in the library.

Newspaper article on the reorganization of the MTS.

Collective sale of agricultural equipment in the MTS.

Agricultural Exhibition - LS.

Pavilion mechanization, farmers, machines, among them TS Maltsev - CU.

Runs from milkmaids PN Kovrov.

Academician G. Lorch, shows the collective farmers, the tubers - MS.

Meetings and discussions farmers who came to the Agricultural Exhibition, with Academician VI Edelstein, academician Tsitsin, chairman of the famous Kirov kolkhoz "Red October" PA Prozorov - CU.

Livestock Pavilion - LS.


Alexander Lishchenko livestock and twice Hero of Socialist Labor Lidia Ivanova acquaint visitors with the work of the farm "Karavaevo» - CU.

Cows - CU.

About Kostroma breed says the chairman of the collective farm «XII October" PA Malinin.

Young virgin landers and Galina V. Zibrov Shelkovich talk about virgin (synchronously).

Field (the plane).

Check out the Moscow students on cleaning fifth virgin harvest.

Passing structure.

Reel №4

Plate with the inscription: "Here is Ordzhonikidze State Farm."

Street and new houses of the village.

Khrushchev in a wheat field.

Harvesting wheat harvester, a selection of rolls.

Cows, sheep in a pasture, pigs in a pen.

Sugar beet harvesting.

Cotton harvesting by hand and machine.


At tea plantations are cut.

Passing cars with grain.

Strewed grain.

Car drove into the courtyard elevator.

Kremlin - LS.

Delegates to the XXI Congress of the CPSU in St.

George's Hall.

Among them - Dolores Ibarruri agricultural workers KP Orlovsky, TS Maltsev.

The meeting room Tursunkulov H., K. Petukhov, and others.

Acts Khrushchev (synchronously).

Playing E. Andreeva, AV Gitalov, EA Danyluk.

Khrushchev sends the Order of Lenin, who was awarded the Ryazan, Larionov area.

Cheering in the hall and on the podium.

Visiting Khrushchev kolkhoz "Russia", Ryazan region.

Khrushchev of meeting men, on the farm of milkmaids, inspects the farm, talking with milkmaids.

Spring landscape.

Spring works in the field.