In Expanses Of Oceans.. (1959)

Film-document №5154 2 parts, Duration: 0:15:59, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Nebylickiy B.

Script writers: Morozov S.

Operators: Kogan S., Kokoshvili A., Maslennikov S., Nebylickiy B., Tartakov P., Tsitron V.


About the work of Soviet fishing fleet in Antlantic ocean.

Temporary description

The city of Murmansk. Seaport. Ships in port waters, the quays. Unloading of ships. Streets. Research Institute of the fishing industry. Laboratory of bottom fish. Academic VI Travin at work. Scientific NA Maslov, studying fish stocks in the Barents Sea for the work. The city of Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad Research Institute of the fishing industry. Laboratory of Professor AN Probatova. Professor and the laboratory staff at work. Zaspirtovannye fish: Hammerhead, flying fish, Sardinella aurita. City of Moscow. All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography VNIRO. Sonar laboratory. Laboratory of piezoelectric crystals. Research Associates A. Shein, EK Shishkov, Professor GS Korzinkin and others at work. Research vessel-submarine Severyanka "in the sea. Scientists ichthyologists monitor instrument readings. Atlantic Ocean. Fishing fleets in the ocean. Scientists at the base ship fleet, including AN Probatov. Fishing and cutting of fish. Landscapes of the ocean. Dolphins. Turtle, fish, rays, sharks in the pool of the ship.

Reel №1

Raging Ocean - LS.

Sea vessel - LS., MS.

Captain on the bridge - LS.

Animation: card.

Trawlers return to the port of Murmansk.

Port - LS., PNRM.

Unloading trawler - LS., CU.

Streets of New Murmansk - LS.

Painting "Old Murmansk", "Ship Perseus."

Building research institute named after Academician Fisheries Knippovicha "PINRO» - MS.

Sign - CU.

In the laboratory, the Institute works VI Travin.

Arctic scientist honored NA Maslov at work.

Building Kaliningrad Institute of Fisheries - LS.

Director of the Institute and a fellow Petelin debt from card.

Laboratory of Professor AN Probatova, AN Pribatov with assistants studying fish.

Laboratory technicians at work.

The inscription "All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography - VNIRO» - CU.

Institute building - LS.

Hydroacoustic Laboratory - LS.

Sounder device - CU.

Manages test sonar Arkady Shein.

Growing crystals for electrical sonar lab - LS., MS.

Crystals - CU.

The employee feels EV Shishkova hydrophone.

Lab and Professor GS Korzinkin injected into fish food radioactive isotopes, feeding the fish.

The technician applies to the fish counter tracer.


Growing from the eggs fry, fry development (microphotography).

Fry are transferred to the pool.

Ship at sea.

The vessel is lowered into the sea camera.

Scientists at the TV screen.

Underwater World - CU.

Submarine "Severyanka" in the sea - MS., LS.

Scientists, fishery biologists and oceanographers at the map, the devices in the window.

Floating a porthole fish - CU.

Reel №2

Raging ocean ship in the ocean - LS.

The captain and helmsman - MS., CU., LS.

Seagulls dive into the water - LS.

Fishermen pull the net with the fish.

Trawlers fish overwhelmed mother ship.

Scientists at work on a ship going in the South Atlantic.

Turtle in the pool on a trawler - CU.

Dolphins in the ocean - MS.

Waves - CU.

Professor A. Probatov examines caught fish.

Work in field laboratory on the ship.

Pull the trawl deck with fish.

Rolls Fish - CU.

Processing of fish on a trawler: freezing, cutting, manufacture of canned fish.

Fishing with rybonasosa illuminated by light bulbs.

Fish pulled into rybonasos.

Spilling onto the deck fish - CU.

Seagull above the sea - MS.

Ship in the ocean - LS.