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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Aljdohin Yu.

Script writers: Pozharickaya N.

Operators: Aljdohin Yu., Chumakov G.


The film is dedicated to the protection of the environment and participation in this pioneering organization. Shows the work of naturalists under the guidance of experienced teachers in the Moscow zoo and a variety of school forestry units.

Biology | Ecology | Youth oriented

Reel №1

Flags of the Union republics.

Pioneer celebration, ceremonial removal of the banner.

The pioneer salute.

Panorama of the stadium.

Those pioneers.

A piece of the station of young nature lovers.

Chronicle 1920-ies:

Children are on the road.

Work on the plantations.

The newspaper "pioneer truth".

Holiday "Day of birds".

Children hanging birdhouses in the trees.

Young naturalists animals on the site of young animals in the Moscow zoo.

P. A. Manteuffel.

Professor helps to hatch the chick.

Students in forest plantations.

Sosnovyy Bor.

School forest Zhukovskaya secondary school No. 1.

Children and adolescents in the classroom.

Work on the improvement of the forest.

The Teacher Is Artyukhov.

Boys hews count.

The teacher oversees the work.


Children protect a nest under a pine tree.

The alternation along the river are boats, the pioneers, the scenery along the banks of the river.


Manteuffel, P. A.-zoologist, naturalist, agronomist-soil scientist, wildlife Manager, Professor, Honored scientist of the RSFSR.




Moscow [820] Bryansk region [771]


Summer [824]

Reel №2

A detachment ashore.

Mass works to save the young on the river Iput; squad led by the teacher V. S. Batham.

Fry released into the water.

The view of the river.

Birdhouses in the village of Welcome.

Children make birdhouses under the guidance of teacher N. T.Kosheleva.

N. T.Koshelev with children check bird houses in the woods.

The view of the river.

The teacher pulls a bird out of a sand hole on the beach.

Birds in the hands of children.

Banding birds.

The entry in the log.

The observation of the stork's nest in the woods.

The river rapids.

The children's meeting with the Tsar Berendey (the role of the teacher] K. A. Andreev).

Exams and games.

Practical training in the forest, a study of Karelian birch.

The girl with the raccoon on his hands.

Feeding Lama.

Feeding young walrus.

Feeding a tiger cub.

The boy stroked the owl.

Children pet a tiger.

Panorama of the forest.

K. A. Andreev with children on the edge of the cliff.


Andreev, K. A.-scientist-biologist, teacher and founder of the Small forest Academy, Honored Forester., Honored worker of national education of the Republic of Karelia.


Bryansk region [771] Ryazan region [799] Republic of Karelia [746] Moscow [820]


Summer [824]