Metrology in health care. (1984)

Documentary №51571, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:45
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Boldireva L.


The film is designed for students of institutions of Postgraduate Medical specialty "Medical Instrumentation".

Reel №1

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Drawing on the theme of Avicenna.

Drawing of blood pressure measurement in loschad, XVII century.

The Italian doctor Sanctorius at the patient.

Experience with a medical measuring device at the end of the XIX century.

A surgical operation is underway.

Medical measuring instruments are used:

- in the diagnosis of diseases and metered therapeutic effects.

- with the life support of the body and the control of its functional state.

- when replacing lost functions and in pharmacy.

Measurements are made in all areas of health care without exception.

At the same time, almost 500 values and parameters are measured.

Ranges of the frequency spectrum of energies measured in medicine.


Radio wave.


Visible spectrum.




Today, the development of healthcare largely depends on the perfection of measurement methods.

The tasks of improving measurements and their accuracy are solved by metrology.

Modern metrology is a field of physics based on experiments of the highest accuracy.

With its help, the reference base of the country is being created and constantly improved.

Platinum iridium standard meter.

Measuring the temperature of different parts of the body.




Measuring instruments.




Rhythmocardiometer and other medical devices.

Laboratory equipment.

Medical devices differ from conventional measuring equipment.

The measurements themselves on a living organism are unusual and require special techniques.

Measurement of brain readings.

The doctor uses X-ray and radiography to determine the boundaries of the heart sac in two patients.

The doctor examines the size of the heart on an X-ray.

The information content of the cardiogram depends on the accuracy of determining the boundaries of the heart.

A cardiogram is taken from the patient.

A person is afraid of injections.

The sight of a syringe causes a perfectly healthy person to have a heartbeat.

The cardiograph will record a typical tachycardia.

The measurement results may change under the influence of the measuring instruments themselves.

Measurement of the volume and rhythm of breathing.

Measurements on the human body in space, while the information is transmitted over considerable distances.

Such remote measurements or telemetry are increasingly being used in medical practice.

The Soviet telemetry complex "Volna" allows the doctor to observe the patient at a distance, by phone.

A special cardiometer converts the electrical potentials taken from the patient's body into sound signals that are transmitted to the microphone of the telephone.

At the central point, these signals are converted into a familiar cardiogram.

All medical measuring devices are designed to take into account all the features of the human body.


A doctor examines an infant in the hospital.

Most measurements in medicine are direct.

The doctor measures the size of a newborn baby.

Anthropometric measurements of a person.

Direct measurements are important in the preparation of medicines.

A room in a pharmacy where medicines are made.

Equipment for the manufacture of medicines.

Key words

Measurements in medicine.

Calendar: 1984

Reel №2

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Measurement of hearing acuity.

Taking an audiogram.

The girl is fitted with a hearing aid.

Vision check.

The girl brings a prescription for glasses to the workshop.

The specialist checks and issues the necessary glasses.

In cases where direct measurements are not possible, the required parameter is determined through other direct measurements associated with it.

Such measurements are called indirect.

Joint measurements provide the most complete medical information.

Examination of an athlete on an ergometric installation.

Comparing the measurement data of breathing parameters, the gas composition of exhaled air and running speed, doctors can conclude about the impact of loads on this organism.

When treating with metered loads, for example on a bicycle ergometer, doctors measure a number of values for careful monitoring of the functional state.


Joint measurements have acquired particular importance during complex surgical interventions.

Modern medical measuring devices can synchronously measure up to 12 important parameters of the body.

This information is summarized by the computing device and displayed in the form that the doctor needs to make a quick and correct decision.

The main task of metrological support is to fully equip medical institutions with measuring equipment, monitor and maintain metrological characteristics.

Electromechanical plant, Moscow city administration "Medtechnika".

The workers of the enterprise carry out repairs of the equipment that has failed and verification measures.

Verification of measuring instruments at the factory, in which the value of deviations of the readings from the true value of the measured value is determined.

Devices with deviations of indicators above the permissible are being repaired.

Verifications are divided into post-repair and periodic.

Schedule of periodic inspections.

Mobile control laboratory "Medtechnika".

It allows you to check the devices at the place of operation.

This is especially important for devices that cannot be transported.

Checking the tool.

The scheme of the organization of the departmental metrological service of the Ministry of Health of the USSR.

All-Union Research Institute of Medical Equipment.

Testing at the Institute of Soviet and foreign medical equipment.

The Institute issues appropriate recommendations.

Various measuring instruments.

Classes for advanced training of employees of the metrological service.

Alternating frames of different productions.

Preventive inspections of employees.

General medical examination of the population.

Hygienists check the purity of the air with measuring instruments.

International Forum on Metrology in Medicine in Tallinn.

Key words

Direct and indirect measurements.
The role of measurements in medical care.

Calendar: 1984

Locations: Moscow [820] Tallinn [970]


Electro-mechanical plant "Medtechnika". All-Union Research Institute of Medical Equipment.

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