The nature of things change .... (1983)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: S. Valov

Script writers: E. Vlasova

Operators: V. Dadayan, E. Pronina, V. Ivanov

Recordist: M. Dmitrieva

Other authors: V. Bokshickaya


Film focuses on genetic engineering and its methods.

Science | Biology | Chemistry

Reel №1

A plant growing under a glass cover.

The magician. appears before the audience in the courtyard of the old castle.

The magician pours the water from the pan, keep the room, face the audience.

The magician pulls out a rabbit pan.

Bust Of Titus Lucretius Carus Carr.

The layout of ancient ruins.

An example of Brownian motion.

Photos of the solar system.

The scheme of planetary motion (animation), busts of Titus Lucretius Carus Carr, Democritus, Epicurus.

Image of the Earth and other planets (animation).

Interior view of one of the laboratories where experiments in genetic engineering, scientists do experiments.

Scheme of the genetic processes occurring in the flask, the symbol of a running horse (animation).

The symbolic crossing of man and horse, the appearance of the centaur (animation).

The image process in the DNA molecule (animation), horses in the pasture, hippos in the zoo, monkeys with cubs.

The magician continues his speech, he pulls out a pan of a rabbit.

In Windows the lights go out.

Bust of one of the philosophers of antiquity.

The types of scientific laboratories.

The image of the DNA molecule.

Signs recording genetic information.

The image shapes of a giraffe, cat and man by means of "blocks".

Giraffe at the zoo.

Lynx sitting in the snow.

A diagram of the human cell that contains genetic information.

Learned viewing the tape with the genetic record.

the process of extracting the hereditary substance in the laboratory.

The allocation of a single gene, getting a new artificial structure (animation).

"Coupling" the man with the horse, healing the synthesis of hormones (animation).

Academician A. A. Baev speaks about the research in the field of human growth hormone, receiving growth hormone gene (synchronously).

"Portrait" of the gene (animation), lines with symbols.

Growth hormone E. coli (animation).

Key words



Baev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich -- biochemist, doctor




Moscow [820]

Flora and fauna; Geography and Nature; Figures of science

Reel №2

The scheme of movement of planets around the Sun (animation).

The image of the DNA molecule.

Closed the lab door.

The scheme for obtaining the human gene (split-screen).

The study established gene under a microscope.

E. coli produces insulin and interferon (animation).

The scheme of synthesis of the gene with the help of images and analogy with the photographic process.

Panorama of the forest.

Academician Bayev said about the necessity of research and experiments in the field of genetic engineering of plants and the preservation of the fundamental lines of research about bringing in crops of useful genes, the study of soil (synchronously).

Panorama of a wheat field, rural landscape.

Separately growing tree.

The sun shines through the leaves.

Plant cells under a microscope.

Corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences R. G. Butenko experiments were conducted with vegetative cells, behind the scenes are her words about a new biological system, created by the hands of the experimenter about the cells of the body, the creation of industrial production with the participation of cell mass, the use of cells growing, the cell hybrids (synchronously).

Diagram of cell division (animation).

The establishment of cell mass in the flask (split-screen).

Face Butenko.

The types of laboratories, scientists at work.

Plants grown in test tubes the cellular method.

Scientists in the laboratory experiment.

The experiment on the fusion of cells (under the microscope).

The growth of hybrid cells in the flask, the emergence of plants as the result of genetic engineering (split-screen).

Panorama of the Park, trees and path.

The layout of ancient ruins.

Bust Of Titus Lucretius Carus.

Germination of plants in test tubes (split-screen).

Interior view of the genetic laboratory.

Busts of the ancient philosophers.

Key words



Baev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich -- biochemist, doctor Butenko Raisa Georgievna -- biologist, physiologist




Moscow [820]

Figures of science; Geography and Nature