Keys fate.. (1990)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Dilanyan K.

Operators: Kipin V.


The film gives a scientific interpretation of the modern discoveries, nature, space and planetary radiation, their impact on the consciousness and life of humanity.


Reel №1

The old key in the lock, signs of the Zodiac.

The hand turns the key and opens the door.

Interior view of the library.

Dramatization: the Magi see the star of Bethlehem.

Mary with baby Jesus, adoration of the Magi.

Paintings depicting the arrival of the Magi to the home of Joseph and Mary.

The image of Christ and the gospel stories in paintings and icons.

Dramatization: the wise men go, shines the star of Bethlehem.

The Mayan drawings on the Nazca plateau (above).

View sun of the Mayan calendar and its fragments.

The view of the rising sun, the Mayan priestess performing the ceremony on the background of the rising sun (re-enactment).

Types of night city, tunnels, and subway stations (rapid).

Solar Mayan calendar.

The passengers in the subway car.

The view of the rising sun, the priestess performing the rite (dramatization).

Engraved with the image of Apollo, of the bunch.

View of the lunar disk in the night.

Paintings of the God Hermes-mercury, Aphrodite-Venus, Mars.

Running across the sky.

Paintings of the God Jupiter.

Clock with Zodiac signs, angel statue above one of the crypts in the cemetery.

Sculptural group at the cemetery.

Clouds and clouds running through the sky.

Key words

Astrology Painting

Religion; Visual Arts

Reel №2

View of the ocean waves.

The eruption of the volcano.

Commission by the lamas of the Buddhist rites, the persons of lamas praying people.

Interior view of a Buddhist temple, people praying, images of the Buddha.

Lamas are praying.

General view of Buddhist temple, the people in front of the temple during the festival.

Commission of Buddhist rites and rituals.

General view of the religious events.

Types of Buddhist temples.

Russian farmer sows the field manually.

Germinating seedlings.

Branches of a blossoming Apple tree.

The view of the lake in the summer, the leaves on the water.

Ripening apples on the branches.

A field of sunflowers.

Rural landscape, straw in the field after harvest.

Autumn forest landscape.

View of a plowed field.

Winter rural landscape.

Views of snow-capped forest.

Ice drift on the river.

The signs of the Zodiac, one of the paintings of the last supper.

Key words

Astrology Seasons

Religion; Religious Holidays

Reel №3

Bowl with images of Zodiac signs.

Russian rural landscape, crosses in the old cemetery.

Newsreel of 1917: demonstrations in Petrograd in March 1917.

Speakers at the may day rally on the Champ de Mars.

Rallies in support of Yeltsin in 1988-1989, the General view of the meeting.

Bn Yeltsin. among the participants of the rally, the person of Yeltsin, the view of the meeting.

Yeltsin speaking at the rally, people listening to his speech.

General view of the meeting (above).

Stations and subway tunnels (rapid).

Burning fire people some branches.

The night sky over Jerusalem.

Solar Mayan calendar.

Stations and subway tunnels (rapid).

Newsreel 1986: U.S. Shuttle Challenger during takeoff on January 28, 1986, people watching the start.

The explosion of the "Challenger" in flight.

The helicopter flies on territory of the Chernobyl NPP.

The 4-th power unit of the station after the explosion.

The destruction of the Berlin wall in 1989, people climb over the wall.

Photos of flying saucers and other UFOs, images of aliens.

Stations and subway tunnels (rapid) Symphony orchestra during a rehearsal, the faces of the musicians.

General view of the orchestra, a dome of the Orthodox Church, the Orthodox churches.


Yeltsin Boris Yeltsin-statesman and political figure


03.1917 28.01.1986 04.1986 1988-1989


Petrograd [959] Moscow [820] Berlin [821] Ukraine [229] USA [851]


Spring [825] Winter [823] Autumn [826]

The revolutionary events of 1917; Rallies; The Chernobyl accident; Man-made disasters; Space; Political figures