Inviolable Friendship.. (1959)

Film-document №5167 6 parts, Duration: 0:55:17, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Slavinskaya M.

Operators: Yatsun E.

Composers: Kholminov A.


The film tells about friendship and mutual aid between the USSR and People's Republic of China.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. Kremlin. February 14, 1950. Treaty of friendship and mutual assistance between the USSR and the PRC. Present: Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, AI Mikoyan, A. Vyshinsky, Chou En-lai and others. 14-16 November 1957. George Hall of the Kremlin. The signing of the Declaration of Communist and workers parties. Among the signatories: V. Ulbricht, Mao Tse Tung, W. Gomulka, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il Sung, J. Kadar, Khrushchev. 1959. The building of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. XXI Congress of the CPSU delegates in the hall. At the podium Khrushchev. Khrushchev welcomed Chou En-lai. City of Beijing. In 1956. The Eighth Congress of the CPC. Delegates in the hall. Among the guests of AI Mikoyan, EA Furtseva and others. Speaker Mao Tse Tung. In August 1958. The Soviet delegation, headed by Nikita Khrushchev at the negotiating table among those present: Mao Tse Tung. Demonstration of workers in Beijing in honor of the 5-th anniversary of founding of the PRC. Voroshilov at the air show in China. Streets. Ancient temple. A monument to Soviet soldiers who died in China. Harvesting in one of the farms. Work on agricultural machinery. Construction of a bridge across the river Yanji. Anshan Iron and Steel Works. Manufacturing processes. Type of the new railway. An employee at the machine at silkmill. Employment miners, shipbuilders. Faces. The building of the Academy of Sciences. Joint meeting of Soviet and Chinese scientists. Address by Academician Nesmeyanov. Moscow region. City of Dubna. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Academician VI Veksler and Professor Wang Gang-chang in the laboratory of the institute. City of Moscow. Institute of Thoracic Surgery. The Soviet and Chinese doctors carried out an operation on the heart. The Soviet and Chinese students in the classroom, in the University lab. The Moscow Conservatory. International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition. Plays the winner of the contest pianist Liu Chi-Kun. The demonstration of workers in Red Square. On the podium of the Mausoleum Khrushchev, Malinovsky and others. Members of the Chinese delegation, headed by Mao Tse-Tun among the guests. Soviet experts and the Chinese workers rebuilding Changchun Railway, built Changchun automobile plant, constructing a dam on the Yellow River. Chinese interns working at the Moscow Likhachev automobile plant, one of the metallurgical plants of the Urals, at the Kirov plant in Leningrad. The production processes in plants. The Soviet officer read the order before the formation of soldiers leaving China and returning home. The Soviet-Chinese border. A car. It takes a train. Trading in the Chinese store consumer goods. Tour of the State Folk Dance Ensemble of the USSR in China. Speech by Soviet artists. City of Novosibirsk. The theater building. Soviet artists performing ballet to music by Chinese composer Zhang, Xiao-Hu "Precious Lotus Lantern". City of Port Arthur (g.Lyuyshun). Local residents and Soviet sailors plant trees.

Reel №1

The overall plan of Beijing - PNRM. from the plane.

Flies over the city of Beijing aircraft.

Beijing city - LS. the top point.

Ancient temples in Beijing.

Dragon wall in Beijing.

Traffic on the streets of Beijing cars, cyclists

Farmers in rice fields by hand harvested rice.

River spill.

PNRM. The dam on the river.

Construction of a bridge over the Yangtze River

Industrial landscape.

PNRM. Installation of blast furnaces.

Iron and Steel Works - MS.

Steelmakers in the shop at work at the ovens.

Pouring molten metal.

Sheet rolling mill in operation.

A group of workers at the mill.

The building of the plant workers gathered to welcome the first truck out of its production.

The people there are cars, decorate it with flowers.

The car goes on the street, surrounded by a crowd.

At the opening of the new w / d line cuts the ribbon.

The train passes over the bridge.

At current farmers threshed rice thresher.

On the field binder decimated rice, tying it in bundles.

Farmers plant rice seedlings landing manual machines.

Workers at their machines to silkmill.

Parts of the machine.

Silk yarn is packed in bales.

In Shanghai, Anshan, Wuhan, Chongqing, created huge new industrial plants.

Ball-bearing factory machinist.

A worker checks the ball.

Ball bearings in the box.

Anshan Iron and Steel Works - LS. from the passage.


Pours coke.

In the coal mine pneumatic hammer miner cuts coal seam.

The mine are trucks with coal.

Miners pass through the yard of the mine.

The people welcomed the output of the first locomotive of its production.

On the train "Big Dragon" brand - two dragons.

Locomotive runs along waterways.

China's population meets the locomotive.

PNRM. The launching of a new ship "jump."

Workers decorate it with flowers and ribbons.

The ship is launched.

The people applauded.

Reel №2

Newsreel 1949:

Beijing: 1.10. - Millions of workers in Tiananmen Square.

On the podium: Mao Tse-tung, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai.

On the area of ​​jubilant, applauding people.

Orchestra performs anthem.

PNRM. Raised the flag of the People's Republic.

Newsreel 1950:

The Kremlin, Moscow - LS. (Winter).

The Supreme Soviet of the USSR (winter).

In the Kremlin, February 14, 1950 signed a treaty of friendship, alliance and mutual assistance between the USSR and the People's Republic of China.

The contract signed by Chou En-lai and AJ Vyshinsky.

Present: IV Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung, NS Khrushchev and AI Mikoyan.

China: People's building rehabilitation Chanchunskoy / railway

Soviet and Chinese experts on reconstruction projects Chanchunskoy / railway

Chinese and Soviet specialists in the construction of car plant in Changchun.

The Soviet and Chinese construction workers in the construction / railway bridge.

Moscow - LS. (Summer).

The territory of Automobile them.

Likhachev go to work with the Chinese factory workers interns.

In the design office, Soviet designers and Chinese trainees at work.

Metallurgical plant in the Urals.

The workshops at the bench Chinese trainees and government workers.

China: Landscape of the Yellow River.

Hydrological studies on the bottom of the Yellow River.

The construction of the dam.

In construction engineering hydrologist beech and other Soviet specialists.

Chinese workers in the construction of the dam.

PNRM. from the plane - finished dam.

Port Arthur (empty bank).

According to the bank systems are Soviet sailors - LS.

The officer read out an order for the return of Soviet troops home.

Changing positions.

The population of Port Arthur escorts Soviet sailors.


The woman was crying.

In the windows of cars Soviet officers.


Mourners waving their hands.

Reel №3

Soviet train (going to the machine) is in the mountains.

Mountain scenery.

Arch at the gate of the Sino-Soviet border - CU.

On Chinese highway among the mountains are trucks.

Convoys are on the Amur.

They are met Chinese applaud.

There are Chinese and Russian.

Chinese goods in Soviet shops: on the counter wool and silk fabrics.

Artistic objects: vases, dinner sets, tablecloths, towels Chinese.

Scientific relations of China and the Soviet Union.

The building of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Moscow.

The table in the sitting room and write Chinese scientists.

Says academician AN Nesmeyanov.

The building of the Institute of Physical Sciences in


Cult management synchrotron.

In the laboratory, the work of the Soviet Academician VI Wexler works Professor Wang Chen-Chang, deputy director of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In China, at the opening of the cyclotron, created jointly by Soviet and Chinese scientists, researcher, Chinese cut the ribbon.

People inspect the cyclotron.

Moscow: The building of the Institute of Thoracic Surgery.

In bed sits Anna Smirnova.

In the operating room, the operating table, doctors Li Ting-Min Ant and during surgery.

In bed, Anna Smirnova after heart surgery.

Is the Tin Min.

Usov doctor tells doctors of Chinese science of acupuncture, she studied in China.

Listening to the doctors.

Hands holding a needle.

In the office of a member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Yevgeny Fyodorov examines letters from scientists around the world, including the Chinese astronomers.

President of Chinese Academy of Sciences Guo Ma Jo welcomed for the launch of the first space rocket Soviet Union.

Newspapers reported on the launch of the second space rocket to the moon - CU.

On experimental fields of the Odessa Institute of Plant, Chinese and Russian agronomists study varieties of crops.

Chinese agronomist with ears of wheat in her arms.

In Kazakhstan, the master of high yields Hero of Socialist.

Labour Ahtika Kurmambekov in conversation with Chinese agronomists shares his experience.

Building of Peking University.

In the audience sat the Chinese and Russian students.

In the audience at Moscow University, Chinese and Russian students talk with professors.

Student says Wang Dong's studies at the university and for the life of Chinese students in Moscow (synchronous) - CU.

Portrait Vila.

Books - Publication of Lenin in Chinese.

In a bookstore in Moscow.

Book of the works of Mao Tse-tung, Lu Xun, Guo Mo Jo in Russian - CU.

Monument AS Pushkin in Shanghai, the pioneers of the monument with flowers.

Chinese school girl with book, AS Pushkin in his hands.

Chinese Art Exhibition Hall in Moscow.

Visitors to the exhibition explore different ivory.

PNRM. - Painting on the walls.

Reel №4

China drawings of the artist Qi Bai Shi.

Qi Bai Shi and Soviet artists.

Soviet artists awarded Qi Bai Shi book.

Speech State Folk Dance Ensemble of the USSR in China.

Chinese dance performed by artists of the ensemble.

The audience applauds.

Chinese girls perform a dance "Birch".

Novosibirsk Theater building (winter).

Hang posters on the theater wall.

Ballet "Precious Lotus Lantern" Chinese composer Zhang Xiao-hu perform Russian artists.

Joint production of the ballet - Soviet and Chinese artists.

Dance from the ballet on stage.

The audience applauded.

Photo of Chinese actor Mei Lan-fang with KS Stanislavsky, made in 1935.

Mei Lan-fang on the stage in the role.

Mei Lan-fang in his office in Beijing, sitting in a chair, talks about his work (synchronous).

The building of the Moscow Conservatory.

Tchaikovsky - LS. (Vech.).

Goes public.

On stage at the table Jury International Piano Competition.


Plays contestant Liu Shi Kun 6th Liszt rhapsody (synchronously).

Hands on the keyboard - CU.


Bows Liu Shi Kun.

Newsreel 1954:

October 1, 1954 the day of the fifth anniversary of the PRC on holiday in Beijing comes Soviet government delegation led by NS Khrushchev.

Mao Tse-Tung greets NS Khrushchev, with EA Furtseva and others.

On the square in Beijing demonstration.

Mao Tse-Tung on the podium - CU.

Demonstrators pass on the street.


Newsreel 1957:

Moscow: was a demonstration in Red Square on the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution.

On the podium, NS Khrushchev and RY Malinowski.

The guest stands members of the Chinese delegation.

The government platform, NS Khrushchev and Mao Tse-Tung welcomed the demonstrators.

Soong Ching-ling - The chairman of the Sino-Soviet friendship in China.

Reel №5

Beijing: Poster "A man with a gun."

A scene from the play Pogodin "Man with a Gun" performed by Chinese artists on the stage of Beijing theater.

Moscow at night, the lights are burning illumination.

Portrait of VI Lenin on the building.

Newsreel 1957:

Moscow, the Kremlin: the Declaration signed by: Walter Ulbricht, Mao Tse-Tung, W. Gomulka, Ho Chi Minh, Chivu Stoica, Kim Il Sung, Kadar, representatives of Bulgaria, etc.

Signs NS Khrushchev.

Present in the room applauded.

The streets of Beijing.

Reception in honor of the President of the Chinese-Soviet Friendship Andreev.

Talking Sung Ching-ling and comrade.

Andreev, next to them the Soviet Ambassador to UNR Yudin.

The monument in the village of Morozov Chinese comrades who fell in the Civil War.

PNRM. NDP on the monument - the names of Chinese characters.

Pioneers lay flowers to the monument.

Monument in China, the Soviet soldiers who died fighting for the freedom and happiness of the Chinese people - LS., PNRM.

The people at the monument.

The Pioneers have a wreath.

Planting a garden of friendship Soviet sailors and residents of Port Arthur before leaving the Soviet soldiers from China.

After a few years of friendship sprawling park.

In the garden of friendship mall walking children, adults.

Delegation of agriculture in China.

Farm chairman of the Ryazan region, Anna Ephraim talks with Chinese peasants are Soviet delegates.

Fields with haystacks on the farm to them.

Kirov, Ryazan region.

PNRM. A herd of cows.

Anna Ephraim reads letters from Chinese friends.

Photo peasant Guoan Sio-Sung in the hands of Ephraim, Ephraim invited Guoan Sio-Soon to come to the farm - CU.

Ephraim meets Guoan Sio-Sung - CU., PNRM.

At the table, pours tea Ephraim Guoan Sio-Sung.


Kirov in Leningrad - LS.

The shop at the bench member of the Supreme Council, Ivan Leonov and Chinese students.

Ivan Leonov worked at five plants in China, he wrote his disciples.

Leonov at the desk.

To him enter the Chinese students are greeted with Leonov and his wife, the Chinese students are looking drawings.

Leonov sends them letters from their Chinese friends.

Chinese student takes the letter Leonov.

Chinese machinists writing a letter to Moscow friend - Shmanevu machinist.

Chinese locomotive with NDP "Friendship» - MS.

Driver of the locomotive.

Locomotive whistle.

Rails on rail ways.

Landscapes with movement.

Shman machinist and his assistant.

PNRM. Letters and photos from China.

M / d path.

Comes w / d composition.

Reel №6

View of Yalta - LS., PNRM.

The promenade walk Soviet and Chinese students with a student.

Peter T. Miller goes with his wife and daughter on waterfront Peter T. talks with Chinese students, the card shows a family of Ma Cheng-Deng and notebook received in memory of Ma Cheng-Deng.

Address book, photo - CU.

Chinese student Peter Kalashnikov family photographs with students of Chinese.

Newsreel 1956:

Arrival in Shanghai Soviet ships, Chinese friends greeted the Soviet sailors.

The people met Soviet sailors.

Pass the Soviet Navy.

These days in the Chinese family were born twin boys, parents called them names of Soviet destroyers "thoughtful" and "intelligible".

Soviet sailors and officers in the nursing home at the bedside of mothers with flowers and gifts.

In bed asleep thoughtful and intelligible over the heads of their Marine's cap.

After three years - two boys sitting at the table, eat it - thoughtful and intelligible.

Father and mother walk with the boys in the park.

School: Soviet students in class Chinese.

Girl tells the tale of a kitten in Chinese (synchronously).

Soviet schoolchildren reading letters from Chinese children.

Chinese students prepare gifts, write letters.

KE Voroshilov during the visit of an official visit to China, is present in the aviation parade - LS.

KE Voroshilov in the Chinese group is looking at the sky - MS.

In the air, flying airplanes.

PNRM. The plane is landing.

Pilot out of the plane, his kisses Voroshilov Voroshilov sit in a circle of Chinese pilots.

Beijing city - LS.

Government building, where he was the eighth Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Room filled with the delegates.

On the podium of Mao Tse-Tung.

Delegates applauded.

Aircraft in the air.


Newsreel 1958:

NS Khrushchev visits the People's Republic of China.

Sitting at a table, NS Khrushchev and Mao Tse-Tung, sign documents.

NS Khrushchev farewell to Mao Tse-tung.

Moscow - building of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (winter).

In the hall of the XXI Congress of the CPSU delegates welcome NS Khrushchev.

On the podium, NS Khrushchev says (synchronously).

Delegates stand up, applaud.

On the podium, Chou En-Lai (synchronously).

NS Khrushchev embraces Chou En-lai.

Demonstration on Red Square.

The government platform, NS Khrushchev, AI Mikoyan, KE Voroshilov greet people.

Demonstration in Beijing.

With government platform of Mao Tse-Tung welcomes people.