Imaginary in geometry.. (1994)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Kogan I.

Script writers: Kogan I.

Operators: Podenschikova I., Fedorov O.


The film develops the idea of the Russian philosopher Florensky PA Florensky and Einstein, a different approach to parallel worlds in philosophy.


Reel №1


Along the river bank is a girl with a yoke.

Temple on the banks of the river.

The wind ruffled bedspread and sheets on the mirror books.

Animation: temple on the bank of clouds, the road space.

Rocky shore of the river.

Reflections in a glass bowl.

The dome of the church.

Icon Rublev "Trinity".

The meadow is a girl with a yoke.

The influx of: spinning gear.


Books and lighted candles on the beach.

Clouds float across the sky.

Water washes away the formula in the sand.

Animation: the bell and the stars, the clouds over the river and the city.

Influx portrait PA Florensky.

The sun in the clouds.


The influx of fragments of icons, belfry, books on the table in the cell, the children carry candles.

Animation: the faces of the icons in the clouds.

Influx: the sun shines through the windows and through the roof of the tower.

Photos PA Florensky.

The meadow is a girl with a yoke.

Photos of Einstein.

Band of paintings and photographs of historical events.

Animation: clouds float over the farmhouses.

Shadow of a man moving the stones.

The sun in the clouds.


Arkhangelsk region [768]