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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Marinova V.

Script writers: L. Anatoljev

Operators: R. Voronov


Picture of the life and work of Russian writer Leonid Nikolayevich Andreyev.

Persons of arts

Reel №1

Drawings of human figures, burning candle.

Dogorevshaya extinguished candle.

Photo portrait of the writer Leonid Andreyev, face close.

PNRM. snow-covered trees.

Landscape with a River.

Winter street with wooden houses of the city of Orel.

The house-museum of the writer L. Andreev - appearance, PNRM. the room.

Photo of the writer with his mother in the box on the table is.

Royal, on the wall photo of a child.

PNRM. on the books on the table (including "What is my faith?" Leo Tolstoy).

Photos of the young Leonid Andreyev.

View of the two-storey building, PNRM. the windows.

Photo by L. Andreev.

Winter Street, passers-by, a horse driven cart.

View of the village houses from the passage.

The first book writer Leo Andreeva "Bargamot and Garaska."

PNRM. the room on the table is a samovar.

In the corner of the room stands a dressed Christmas tree, lit candles, Rasfokus.

Close-up: a burning candle, PNRM. on the wax figure of angel.

Candle and angel on the Christmas tree.

Night view from the street to the window, it's snowing.

Photo: Leonid Andreyev and Maxim Gorky.

PNRM. on the early books of short stories, LN Andreev, lying on the table.

Group photo of art: Andreev, F. Chaliapin, Veresayev, Korolenko, Gorky, N. Teleshov.

Photos: Leonid Andreyev in bathrobe sitting in a chair in the group at the table.

Photo: four women in wreaths of flowers on their heads, holding hands.

Photos wife Alexandra Andreeva Veligorskoy.

A book of stories LN Andreeva, one photo of the writer and his wife.

Group Shot: Women sit first row, the men behind them (including

Andreyev and Gorky).

House painter Ilya Repin in Penates.

Color portrait Andreev Ilya Repin.

Seashore, calm surf wave.

Photo Andreeva at the table.

Printed text works by Leonid Andreyev of Basil Thebes.

View of the Church, it is snowing.

In the church, hand lighting a candle, candles burn.

Signature by Leonid Andreyev printed text.

Crimson disk of the sun (large).

Etchings by Goya from the series "The Disasters of War."

Photo by L. Andreev against the wall with a picture of Goya.

Key words

LN Andreev, writer; Master of arts; Photo



Reel №2

Fragments of the game silent film "White Eagle" (filmed on the story of Leonid Andreyev "Governor"), including shooting demonstrations of workers.

Photo: writer Andrew in his chair, a portrait of his wife.

Dedication to his wife in the book "The life of man."

Illustrations for the play "The life of man."

Waves of the sea at the rocky shore.

Photo of building a house of Leonid Andreyev.

Leonid Andreyev with his second wife Anna Denisevich and one in nature (some photos).

Study of the writer with a table, it lamp with shade, and books.

Inkstand with the head of a man in a helmet.

Photo Andreeva at the table.

Typewriter, lit candles in sconces.

Newsreel 1914-1919 gg .: Leonid Andreyev near the house, the river, lights, boating, biking ride with his wife.

Leonid Andreyev walking, resting on a bench next to the sons of Savoy and Vadim, a table with a samovar.

In the room a lot of people and two dogs.

Walk at home.

Photo: Leonid Andreyev reads from the phonograph.

River with banks in the snow (photo taken by Andreev).

Pictured: Andreev with a camera on a tripod.

Picture painted by Leonid Andreyev.

Copies of paintings by Goya, Andreev made.

Portrait of Leo Tolstoy on the office wall.

Family photos Andreeva.

Newsreel of the First World War: guns, explosions, soldiers fleeing the attack.

Drop burning plane on a stretcher are injured, wounded go through the crowd.

Trees in perspective: from the bottom up.

Typewriter on the desk.

Photo: L. Andreev one at the table with a samovar.

Fragments from Eisenstein's film "Strike": demonstrations, rallies, shooting on the square.

Lenin and Krupskaya in the car.

The crowd waving hands and hats.

Photograf Andreeva.

Burning candles in the candlestick, PNRM. at Andreeva Portrait in a frame on the wall.

Snow-covered beach, trees.

PNRM .: landscape with cloudy sky over the Gulf of Finland.

Lonely tree on a snow-covered coast.

Key words



LN Andreev - Russian writer.