And two-sided surface.. (1986)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Marjyamov M.

Script writers: A.Rozentalj

Operators: D.Goremikin, V.Ivanov

Other authors: Konsuljtant S.V.Shvedenko, hudozhniki: N.Zujkova, V.Ribakova, zvukooperator L.Shutova, redaktor B.Trishina, direktor kartini V.Gordovskaya


Educational film for students. Generation of surfaces, as species on the surface orientation in the vector field. (Part 1 - Child's Play in the basket. The surface of the plurality of lines. Scope of the circles, etc. Good educational film on surfaces. Vector field surfaces. Model orientation surface. Volchok on the mirror. Mobius. Klein bottle. MLT. Infinity bottle. Drawings Emery. Particles and antiparticles. Portrait Corbusier.)

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