Image objects in the drawing.. (1989)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Romanova N.


Educational film is overview Exchange technical drawing. Given the history of drawing and elementary notions of perspective. (Part 1 - Earth. Rock figures of antiquity. Egyptian pyramids. Frescoes of the Egyptians. Greek amfitiatry and amphora. Painting. Explanation of the vanishing point. Central projection MLT. Modern architecture. Projection onto the plane. Perspective. Central projection method. MLT. Projection onto the plane. Central projection. Construction prospects. Concepts: object-plane picture plane. Object projection. Point of view. Frustum. The main line of sight. Skyline. The plane of the horizon. Original projection. Construction techniques and perspectives with two vanishing points. Rectangular projection. Method of parallel rectangular projection. Part 2 - Rectangular projection. Key projection. Main view. Six major species. Section. Cuts. Cutaway. Connect half species and half cut. Step cut. Broken incision. Local view. Additional views. Determination of the number of images. Axonometric projection. Axonometric axis. Types of axonometric projections. Part 3 - oblique diameters. Moskvich cars on assembly. Structural elements of the basic types of machinery parts. Constructive image. Construction drawing shaft. Computer-aided design. )

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