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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: V. Ritchenkov

Script writers: A. Vasinskij

Operators: L. Nikeljberg

Recordist: R. Krasiljnikova

Other authors: V. Konovalova


The film is about the environmental problems and the measures taken by scientists to preserve the fauna and flora of our planet.

Ecology | Flora and fauna

Reel №1

Police patrol team arrives to the call.

The writing on the wall.

Gloved hands open the lock of cafe, took out a folder.

Residents of one of the districts respond negatively to the question about the image in the picture the white crane Siberian cranes that have disappeared in the area, as a species.

The trees on the Bank of the river.

View of the taiga river.

The scenery, setting sun.

Cover of the red book of the USSR.

Animals and birds listed in the Red book - Cheetah, bearded vulture, the IBIS bill, black stork, pink Seagull.

Seagull in the sky.

Drawing of a white crane.

A man talks about white cranes, which he had not seen since childhood, and only heard about them from his father (synchronously).

Photos of white crane.

Local residents talk about the possible causes of the disappearance of a white crane out of their seats (synchronously).

Posters dedicated to the protection and preservation of nature.

The faces of the people shooting in the dash at targets, the results of the hits in the target.

the boy cocks an air rifle.

Images of animals, shot with a hunting rifle.

The cuckoo clock.

Elk trapped on a city street, people see a moose, or a police officer to restore order.

The participants of picnic take pictures, dance, play the guitar.

Grill with shish kebabs.

Outstanding fireplace.

Feet running along the forest floor and trampling it.

Outstanding smoldering fireplace.

Smoke smokestacks.

The rain puddles on the wet meadow grass, and ever and birches.

Flying white cranes.

White crane flies over a flooded meadow, sits on the meadow.

The crane is grazing in the meadow.

Crane eggs in the nest.

Landing a helicopter.

Scientists disembark from a helicopter, walk through boggy meadow.

Scientists take an egg from the nest of a crane, record the dimensions of the slot.

Scientist photographs the Siberian crane egg in the nest.

Departing helicopter.




Moscow [820]

Science; Geography and Nature

Reel №2

The Siberian crane eggs in the incubator.

From the egg hatches a chick of the Siberian crane.

Broken shells.

Newborn Chicks of the Siberian crane in the incubator.

Grown Chicks in the yard.

An employee of the incubator feeding Chicks wild raspberry.

The girl walks with the grown chick.

Drawing of a Steller cow.

The sun shines through the clouds.

Drawings of extinct species of animals, birds, insects and fish.

Professor B. N. Veprintsev speaks of the need to preserve the biosphere as the conditions of human existence, about the negative factors affecting the biosphere, the consequences of simplification of biological systems on the levels of conservation strategy fauna of the Earth, about the necessity of creating a genetic Bank of frozen cells (synchronously).

Forest landscape.

Bison graze in the forest.

A family of raccoons is chosen out of the hole.

The young of hoofed animals at the trough.

Boy feeding calves.

Experiments with frozen cells in a laboratory.

People see old cannons.

View gun and the slide cores close to her.

Ladybug crawling on to the kernel.

The layout of the globe.

The Siberian crane egg in the nest.

The form of a nest of the Siberian crane (top).

A herd of deer galloping across the summer tundra.

Camel chewing the thorns of the steppe, is the camel's head.

The head of a crane.

Young raccoon in the hole.

The frogs head.

Squirrel on branch, birds,Chicks in the nest.

Grazing bison in the meadow.

Bears bathe in the Creek.

The flashing lights of a police car.

The layout of the globe.




Moscow [820]