Engineering and hydrological surveys.. (1990)

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Director: Smirnov Yu.

Script writers: Ivanov M.

Operators: Kasatkin I., Klimentjev A., Kovkin Yu.


Educational film provides information from the field of engineering and hydrological studies necessary for competent economic use of water resources.

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Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the river because of the trees, the river is a boat.

Ship at the pier.

Port cranes.

View of the canal.

Ship in the gateway.

Aerial view of the hydroelectric dam.

River landscape.

Point of a gauge.

Experts determined the alignment of gauges to monitor changes in water level.

Water level recorder.

The measurement results.

Panorama taiga on mountain slopes along the river.

Animation: longitudinal profile of the river, the project hydrological accommodation facilities.

Geodetic works to determine the water level.

Animation: complex surveying work.

Panorama taiga on mountain slopes along the river.

Aerial Footage.


Animation: geodetic network, circuit measurements.

View of the water from the shore.

Animation: geodetic network, scheduled situation surveying points.

View of the river, the installation of leading beacons on the shore.

Boat on the opposite bank.

Go-ahead flag.

The river is motorboat.

Specialist throws into the water manually lot.

Measurements using a mechanical lot.

Animation: measuring the depth using sonar.

Tare (measuring the depth of the rack and simultaneously lot).

Scientists read echogram on the recorder.

Measurements of the depth sounder.

Motor boat goes along the spit, man gives the go-ahead flag.

The operator with the geodesic camera.

Flag go-ahead from the shore.

The signals from the boat.

Track surveying vessel scheduled position of the tape echo sounder.

The boat gives the go-ahead flag.

The operator with the geodesic camera on the beach.

Control of the ship by radio during long measurements.

Panorama of the river.

Animation: A sounding.

View of the water from the shore.

Man fixes the antenna system "Emerald" on the mast.

Lifting mast in the upright position.

Scientists monitor the equipment.

Transfer the post.

The man at the helm.

The operator enters the data into the computer.

Print results.

Specialist does the necessary level of the plan.

Waterfront with water.

Animation: detection circuit flow rate and water consumption.





Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Animation: the construction of the living section of the reservoir as a result of depth measurements.

Hydropower facilities.

Specialist sets in the water current meter.

Pinwheel in the water.

The calibration basin determine the dependence of the number of revolutions of the vane water flow rate.

The calculation equations.

The spinner runs in water.

Animation: the rules and formulas of velocity measurements.

The operator with the geodesic chamber to coordinate the location of high-speed vertical.

View of the river.

Animation: speed graphs.

Animation: the definition of water consumption.

Forest on the other side.

The water lapping at the shore.

The sediments, drawn deposits.

Animation: pollution (siltation) reservoir.

Man puts the sampler into the box.

The rise from the depths of the sampler.

Scientist taking a sample from the sampler.

Sampling of water in the shallow water with the help of the staff.

Mountain by the lake.

Lake View.

On the cliff is the operator with a geodesic camera, waved to people in the boat.

Geodetic network.

Buoy in water (Underwater).

The diver secures a buoy at the bottom.

Man unwinds on the bottom rope.

Fixing points at the bottom of the geodetic network.

The diver peeping out of the water, people on the banks of the cable is unwound.

The diver working under water with a pressure gauge.

Scientists on the banks of fixed differential pressure.

Alternation: divers take away from the shore equipment and plunge into the lake, the determination of the excess between the surveyed points under water.

Underwater vegetation.