In Charge of the Earth.. (1987)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: N. Solovcov

Script writers: V. Simonenko

Operators: V. Narovlyanskij

Recordist: M. Dmitrieva

Other authors: M. Horol


The film tells about the problems of land-use reveals the drawbacks of land reclamation, promoting biological farming.

Agriculture | Science

Reel №1

Panorama and types of a worked-out quarry.

Loading soil in truck bodies.

The leaders of one of the farms in the Bryansk region of the bypass reclamation facilities.

Details of the reclamation system as part of the irrigation installation.

Officials say unfavourable climatic conditions and high yield, on the adequacy of atmospheric moisture (synchronously).

The corn stalks lean in the wind.

The types of saline and hardened soil.

The effects of desertification in Bryansk, dry tree roots, cracked earth.

Harvester for harvesting grain.

View of the field during harvest.

Panorama of the collective farm, the cows in the paddock.

The head of the enterprise says about the mandatory use of organic fertilizers in land use, establishment of organic fertilizer factory (synchronously).

The cows in the paddock.

The export of manure with a bulldozer.

Ears of ripening wheat.

Panorama of the field.

The construction of livestock farms.

Internal views of the body, adapted to bulldozer manure removal, builders at work.

The head of one of the design institutes are listening to the interview of the head of the household with regards to construction of buildings for new farms.

Head of project Institute confirms the high qualification of our employees involved in design, interest in cost reduction projects (synchronously).

Head of agriculture talks about expensive projects that do not meet the needs of the village (synchronously).

The construction of new farms out of the car window.

Abandoned village houses, yards overgrown with weeds.

View of the windmill at sunset.

Farmer sitting at the window of the house.

Courtyard views, the master overlooks the courtyard.

Bunches of onions on the wall of the barn.

Chickens in the yard, a bucket on the well.

Children corrected harness from the horse-drawn carts.

A horse harnessed to a cart.

People smatyvay hay stack.

The children sit on the cart.

Bee pollinating a flower.

Rural landscape.




Moscow [820] Bryansk region [771]


Summer [824] Spring [825]

Construction; Social life

Reel №2

Rural landscape.

The head of one of the farms says about the work done on reclamation plots, the overlap of the river for this purpose (synchronously).

Rural landscape, cows in a pasture.

Collective farm chairmen talking about the way of conducting reclamation activities on the meadows and pastures, the construction of dams to control water flows (synchronously).

The types of wetlands.

Beaver in an irrigation ditch.

Beavers build the dam.

Grass and flowers on meadow aspic.

Cows on pasture.

Mosquitoes over the pond.

The development of mosquito larvae in the aquatic environment.

Mosquito on water.

Earthworms loosen the soil.

View of the swamps with growing willows.

Types of the birch forest belt planted to retain soil moisture.

Representatives of the forest fauna.

The chairmen of collective farms talks about the establishment of a forest biologist (synchronously).

View of the swamp.

Type of irrigation canal.

Geese swimming in the canal.

Rural landscape.

One of the leaders of agriculture says about draining swamps and the consequences of this step on the need to preserve wetlands (synchronously).

The types of swamps.

Types of pond.

The effects of desertification, dried up tree roots.

Rural landscapes.




Moscow [820] Bryansk region [771]


Summer [824]

Agriculture; Geography and Nature; Flora and fauna