Standard - efficiency - quality.. (1985)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
On request

Director: Tomberg V.

Script writers: Kagarlickij V.

Operators: Kaznin A.


The film is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of standardization in the USSR. History, meaning, the role of standardization.

Industry | Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Views of Moscow.

Chronicle of 1925:

Tverskaya Square, Moscow City Hall.

The streets of Moscow, transport and residents of the capital.

The workers in the factories.

Portrait of Mayakovsky.

Gradual build trucks at the car factory ZIL. Tractor assembly.

New Tractors leave the shop.

Photos and drawings.

Sign of GOST.

Card file storage standards, the selection of cards.

Developers standardization system.

The street tram rides.

Factory construction.

The melting shop.

Production of building materials.


Views on the construction site from above.

The variety of trucks.

Cargo ship at the pier.

Unloading vessel.

Container transport.

The newspaper "Pravda".

Alternating: the workers in the shops, production of parts on automatic lines.




Moscow [820]

Reel №2

Workers in the shops of the plant "Red Proletarian" build CNC machines.

Attestation committee takes robotic system.

Buyers inspect the refrigerators in the store.


Factory testing of footwear.

Testing of furniture.

Making skis.

Hardware quality control skis.

Royale "Estonia".

Examination of confectionery.

Checking the product name Sedin Machine Tool Plant.

Powered CNC. Sign of GOST.

Examples of the use of industrial robots in various industries.

Production of fuel tanks for trucks on the ZIL.

Movement by rail.

Subway train.

Freight train in the ways of the country.


Moscow [820] Krasnodar region [761] Tallinn [970]

Reel №3

Card file storage standards, the selection of cards.

Ivanovo machine-tool software (Ivanovo Heavy Machine Tool Plant), demonstration of flexible manufacturing system (FMS) "Talca-500."

Computer operator at work.

Submission materials.

Work GPS "Talca-500."

The director of the plant V.P.Kabaidze.

Sign of GOST.

The streets of Krasnodar.

Plant manager of radio devices Z.A.Arabyants talks about Krasnodar integrated system to improve production efficiency.

An employee of the plant automation loads.

Computer operator.

A maintenance worker at the warehouse.

Workshop production of parts of measuring instruments. Z.A.Arabyants.

View of the field.

The streets of the village.

Director of the farm "Ladoga" N.M.Batohin colleagues. N.M.Batohin talks about the application of the system of Krasnodar.

Mechanized harvesting forage crops.


The streets of the village.

Document 1926 year.

Animation: the speed of germination of seeds of different varieties.

Harvester collects hay.

View on the farm.

The cows in the paddocks.

Cows graze in the meadow.

Bolshevo plant feed, out of the gate leaves the truck.

Laboratory test feed.

Work goes through the shop.

Feed on the conveyor.

Chickens in cages.

Pig farm.



Kabaidze VP - Design engineer, machine engineer, manager, Hero of Socialist Labor, honorary citizen of the city of Ivanovo. Batohin NM - Soviet industrial worker in the field of agriculture, the Hero of Socialist Labor.


Moscow [820] Moscow region [788] Krasnodar region [761] Ivanovo region [776]

Reel №4

The streets of the city of Rivne.

Alternation: tells the 1st Secretary of Party Committee V.I.Lutsenko, photos, and documents.

Customers in the store.


She puts on the table a samovar.

The tissue samples.

The street passing bus.

The monument to Vladimir Lenin in front of the cinema.

Sign of GOST.

Center for Standardization and Metrology.

The old measures of length.

Portrait of Mendeleev.

Apartment Museum Mendeleev.

Museum exhibits.

Main Chamber of Weights and Measures (Research Institute of Metrology named after Mendeleev).

Storage state standards.

The scientist shows an example of precision measurements on the reference unit mass.

A woman looking through a microscope.

Babel measurement system (Figure).

Scientist working with equipment.

Computer's operator.

All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Physico-Technical Measurements.

Laboratory of Quantum S.B.Pushkina hours.



Pocket watch.

Portrait of Alexander Pushkin. S.B.Pushkin at work.

Quantum clock reference time of the USSR. Space Launch.

The landing of the aircraft.

All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Optical and Physical measurements, scientists are working with the standard unit of luminous intensity.

Employees of the metrological service conduct research.

Production of parts on automatic lines.


Lutsenko VI - Ukrainian politician, candidate of economic sciences. Pushkin SB - Ph.D., Honored Metrologist of the Russian Federation.


Moscow [820] Leningrad region [785] Ukraine [229]

Reel №5

Traffic flow on the avenue.

The products on the shelves in the store.

Work glove box closes.

Welding, electric in the camera.

Types of residential neighborhoods.

Tallinn hotel "Viru".

View of the laboratory for environmental protection on the part of the car park.

Employee lab checks samples of air.

Top view of the street.

Policemen check the toxicity of emissions.

On the road passing bus, a view of the industrial facility.

Mobile laboratory for monitoring the purity of the atmosphere.

Rocks at sea.

View of the monastery from the river bank.

Children in the camp resort.

Cableway in the mountains.

Natural scenery.

Sign of GOST.

International standards (brochure).

Work locators.

The plane comes in to land.

The crew in the cockpit.

Plane at the airport.

Disembarkation of passengers.

People sit in the bus.

Refuelling aircraft.

Planes taking off.

People in front of a cinema.

Projectionist charges in the film unit.

Cinema equipment.

Reel tape recorder.

Views on the building of the CMEA. A cruise ship.

Passengers going ashore.

Parking of tourist buses.

The bus transports passengers.

View of the Red Square.

State Standard of the USSR. Meeting of the board.

Assembling the CNC. Computer operator.

It works machine automatic line.

Shipping containers.

Cows on a farm.


Testing of furniture.

Rail transportation.

Hardware Check skiing.

Device-standard unit of luminous intensity.

Computer's operator.


Managers at the controls.

Reference time of the Soviet Union.

Space Launch.

Animation: space station above the planet.

View of the earth from the window (the image is distorted).


Moscow [820] Russia [1] Tallinn [970]