Basic concepts of the theory of mechanisms and machines. (1987)

Documentary №51985, 2 parts, duration: 0:08:48
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Fyodorovskij D.


Educational film for students.

Reel №1

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Automatic line.

The assembly line of cars.

The division of machines into energy, technological, transport, information.

Samples of each species.

The work of the press.

Details of the sewing machine.

The concept of a mechanism as an integral part of a machine.

Loader operation.

Samples of the lever mechanism.

Layout of the crank-slider mechanism.

Such a mechanism in the engine converts translational motion into rotational motion.

A mock-up of a mechanism that turns rotational motion into translational motion.

A sample of the use of gears.

A mock-up of a mechanism in which the high speed of a gear wheel needs to be converted into the low speed of another gear wheel.

Speed conversion using belt mechanisms, with a flat belt, wedge and toothed.

Sample ratchet mechanism.

This mechanism is used to convert the movement of the input link into a periodic movement of the output.

Samples of mechanisms.

The mechanism of the Maltese cross.

Hydraulic mechanisms, such as the excavator boom, pneumatic mechanisms, such as a jackhammer, have been widely used.


The concept of a mechanism link.

Samples of such links.

Links of the lever mechanism.

Alternating frames with different links of the lever mechanism.

A fixed link is called a rack.

Alternation of frames with links of gear mechanisms.

Cylindrical gears.

Samples of various types of gears.

A sample of a mechanism in which toothed and belt links are combined.

A sample of the worm mechanism.

Layout of non-circular gears.

The layout of the cam mechanism.

The links of the screw mechanisms are a nut and a screw.

In all these mechanisms, the links are solid bodies.

Flexible link - belt, cables.

The flexible link in the chain mechanism is a bushing roller chain.

A sample of such a mechanism on a bicycle.

In hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms, one of the links is liquid or gas.

Layout of the piston operation.

The concept of input and output links.

Layouts of mechanisms with multiple input links.

One of the input links of such a mechanism can be used to regulate movement.

A cartoon explaining the movement of an object moving freely in space.

Key words

A link of the mechanism.
Kinetic pairs.

Reel №2


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