Working atom.. (1982)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Holjnij G.

Script writers: Glebov B.

Operators: Kalashnikov N.


History of the development of nuclear energy and its use in different areas.

Russian cities and regions | Industry | Construction

Reel №1

The atomic explosion.

Scientist conducting experiments using a manipulator.

Past the NPP passing car.

The interior and components of nuclear power plants.

Cassettes with the nuclear fuel.

Scientists are working on the equipment.

Nuclear reactor.

Operators in the control room at the controls.


The pipe plant.

Shells plant.

Operators in the control room.

The layout of the Leningrad nuclear power plant.

Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant named after Lenin.

Operators in the control room.

The interior equipment and power units.

View of the station building.

Leningrad region, Sosnovy Bor.

Children's Town "Andersen Grad".

View of the Leningrad nuclear power plant.

Moscow region, Dubna.

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR).

Employees of the institute.

The equipment and materials for the experiments.

The model of the medical device with a radioactive isotope.

The irradiation of the patient.

Incoming data from the unit.

Experts control the device.

Women in the greenhouse.

Reflectors crops.

Bush tomatoes.

A new variety of wheat.

Feed grains.

Scientist looking into a microscope.

A series of experiments with labeled atoms.

Bunches of grapes.

Scientist examines berries.

Panorama of the vineyard.

Processing potatoes on a special conveyor.

Processing tires.

Electrostatic Discharge with a tissue.

Heat-resistant polyethylene.

Details of the equipment.

Processing grain.

Water purification.

Production of threads.


Various consumer goods.

Tidal bore.

Baltic Sea.

Sea view from the bow of the ship.

Lighthouse with a radioisotope generator.

Rigging and equipment.

The superintendent manages beacon.

Beacon signals.


Moscow region
Leningrad region

Reel №2

Nuclear-powered icebreaker in the Arctic Ocean.

The crew of the spaceship controls.

Engine room.

The icebreaker "Arktika".

The cargo on deck.

Unloading icebreaker.

Cargo ships in the port.

Radar equipment of the ship.

View of the river from the board.

Flatbed Truck.

Tugboat pushing cargo platform in front of him.

Landscapes (shot from a helicopter).

Helicopter landing in the tundra.

Natural scenery around Bilibino.

View of the city from across the river.

Panorama of the city from the trees.

Bilibino NPP. Operators in the control room.


Panorama of the city.

A man walks through the hall of the reactor.

A man with glasses.

Man speaks into the microphone.

High-voltage power lines.

Top view of the mine.

Powered mining machinery.

Cab worker.

Buckets ground.

Mined gold.

View of the coast.

Tundra vegetation.

The building nuclear power plants drove a truck.

Mangyshlak Peninsula.

The head of the camel.

Panorama desert.

Ruins of ancient buildings.


View of the town houses built Shevchenko (Aktau).

Camel eating camel thorn.

Blooming flower bed, high-rise buildings.

People on the streets of the city.

Children playing in the schoolyard.


Girl eating ice cream.

The streets go watering machine.

The shore of the Caspian Sea.

Shevchenko nuclear power plant (now the Mangistau Atomic Power Plant - Kazatomprom) desalination.

The operator fills the magazine.

Operators in the control room.

Pilot-scale reactor on fast neutrons.

On the street passing bus and car.

The mural on the wall of the building.

Cracked ground in the desert.

View of the city.

Drilling rig.


Power lines.

Industrial enclosures.

Panorama City (shot from a helicopter).

Meeting with the leaders of the Soviet government by foreign powers.

Leonid Brezhnev sign the documents.

Photographers take pictures.

The operator of the remote control.

Electronic display.

Bas Kurchatov with quote.


LI Brezhnev - State and party leader, Marshal of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labor, the General Secretary of the CPSU.


Chukotka Autonomous Okrug