Build faster, cheaper, better ... (1988)

Documentary №52035, 3 parts, duration: 0:27:54
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:N. Chiruk
Screenwriters:O. Krutova
Camera operators:A. Gorelov
Sound mixer:N. Kuznecov
Other authors:V. Russo, M. Danilova


The film is dedicated to the new modern methods of construction.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Builders-the masons at work.

The process of laying bricks.

Tools of the Mason lay the bricks.

Mason makes the clutch.

The new high-rise residential buildings.

Panorama of a house.

Panorama of the Central quarter in the city of Vladimir.

Computer center staff in the planning and preparation of construction production at work.

Chief engineer of VTS Pavlodarjilstroi BICK said the work of the computing center, implementation of computer equipment, maintenance of "APS" in the Vladimir region, on prospects and stages of development of the center, on the processing of information coming from the factories of reinforced concrete products (ZHBI), the introduction of Chekhova system in conditions of self-financing, the establishment of a regulatory and planning documentation for construction (synchronously).

Computer center staff at work.

Types of streets of Vilnius.

View of the warehouse of construction materials.

Head of production and processing equipment Wellnessarea talks about the basic principles of Management, the results of the transition management on a collective contract and self-financing, raising the salaries of workers (synchronously).

Building materials in the warehouse.

Working the warehouse loading equipment on the basis set.

The export of building materials from the warehouse and loading them onto trucks.

Cans of paint on the shelves.

Stands with samples of construction kits.

Type of container for transport of construction kits.

The export of building materials from the base.

Panorama of the Foundation being built at home.

The construction process of the Foundation.

Head of the laboratory of the grounds and Foundation of the city of Vilnius tells about the sources of funding of the laboratory, the main purpose of the laboratory, on the terms of the building quality Foundation (synchronously).

Panorama of the construction of a residential neighborhood.

Panorama of boggy terrain.

The process of preparing for the construction of the basement, bulldozer rakes the ground.

Calendar: 1988

Locations: Moscow [820] Vladimir region [772] Lithuania [128]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of the future construction site.

Surveyors at work.

Methods of construction of foundations of various types.

The process of pile driving steel and concrete piles for the construction Siauliai tannery.

The construction odnovolova Foundation.

View of part of the frame main body of the plant.

The foreman gives signals to the crane operator, installation of concrete floors.

Interior views of the shop at the Vladimir factory of concrete products.

Is a kind of equipment for the manufacture of structures by vibration-free bench molding technology.

The process of manufacturing of concrete products.

The process of making sandwich panels with the use of phenolic foam nesolenogo.

The production of foam.

The end of the process of production of sandwich panels.

Shape with a laid vnih concrete mix.

Sending products in the curing chamber.

Transportation of the finished panel using a crane.

Types of prefabricated buildings for various purposes.

The manufacture of reinforcing wire at the Tushino plant concrete structures.

Team leader of development engineers F. I. Murashkin at work.

Automatic welding wire mesh.

Operation of automatic equipment in the rebar shop Gatchina plant.

Process automatic feeding steel rods on the welding machine.

The process of production of parts by a robot manipulator, the face of the operator automatic line.

Panorama of automated batching plant.

Operators at the console.

The work of the automatic line for the production of ready mix concrete.

The work of the cluster-conveyor line for the manufacture of parts for large-panel buildings introduced at the Gatchina plant.

Automatic control of curing of concrete and quality concrete products at various stages of production.

Monitoring instruments.

Checking small parts with hand-held control unit "Concrete-12".

Manual measurements of angles concrete products.

View of the factory floor.

View of Lounges on one of the enterprises (above).

Workers play chess.

A tape recorder on the table.

Workers drink tea, swim in the pool.

Calendar: 1988

Locations: Moscow [820] Lithuania [128] Vladimir region [772] Leningrad region [785]

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Installation of underground utilities in the winter in Moscow, working person.

The process of automatically trimming the plastic pipe.

The pipe joint by the method of melting the edges.

The route of plastic pipes.

Panorama of the construction of the facility complete-block method.

View of the Tyumen factory on manufacture of block and block-complete devices.

The units, manufactured for installation of technological equipment and units.

Engineers are studying the project documentation.

The installation of one of the process units, the panorama of one of the industrial units.

The installation of the wall unit.

The types of buildings Rzhevsky crane plant.

Chief engineer Enterprises Soyuzspetsstroy minnewasta of the USSR, tells about the construction of the plant in a short time thanks to the industrial-block building, talks about the complex crane plant and the construction of the plant, assembling the main body of the plant, the peculiarities of construction of the plant, about the prospects of construction of new industrial enterprises (synchronously).

The process of manufacturing components and assemblies for cranes of various types, interior views of the factory floor.

View of the factory boiler room.

Interior view of boiler room.

Production processes on the factory floor.

Trolleybuses on the streets of Vilnius.

Panorama of the construction site.

Details of modular formwork for monolithic construction of buildings.

View of one of the monolithic buildings.

View of construction site (above).

Install sections of modular formwork for the slab.

Installation of outdoor shields.

Measuring distances between the panels, alignment of the corners.

The process of filling the formwork with concrete mix.

Types of monolithic buildings, the builders poured the mixture between the shuttering boards.

Types of new residential blocks with monolithic buildings.

Panorama of the apartment house.

Calendar: 1988

Locations: Moscow [820] Vilnius [925]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

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