Journey into the nano - world. Film 1.. (1994)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Yurlovskij V.

Other authors: Yu.Trusov, A.Romanov, T.Uspenskaya, G.Sedisheva, Yu.Shkundov, V rolyah: Aleksandr Kushelev, Dmitrij Kozhevnikov


The film is about the unity of nature and man's connection with the cosmos and the microcosm explains the structure of the nano-world.


Reel №1

Fork part of the flight of stairs in a residential building, the stairs, the interior of the room, illuminated by his flashlight.

Physics Kushelev A. and Kozhevnikov D. sit in a dark room, a model of the structure of matter in their hands, different characters.

The text of the Shakespeare quote.

The text of the article in the encyclopedia, explaining the meaning of the term "nano".

The image of the starry sky and the milky way, planet Earth, pictures of parts of the Earth from space.

Urban landscape, pictures of people on the streets, baby pictures in the album.

A strand of human hair, image hair.

Text citations Carter John.

Chain puzzle in human hands, the rings pass down the chain the face of physics Kushelev.

A closed chain Heron, a schematic model of the electron.

Electromagnetic process, closed into a ring.

Demonstration of the charge and the magnetic moment of the electron (animation).

Demonstration of magnetic properties of electrons.

Demonstration on the model clusters of electrons around an atom.

Text quotes of Jules Verne.

Portrait of D. I. Mendeleev periodic system of elements.

The model of an atom of nobelium.

The path to the nucleus of the atom, the core, highlighting in different colors of neutrons and protons (animation).

The spiral structure of protons and neutrons, simulation of movement in them electromagnetic waves (animation).

Text quotes of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The hypothetical structure of the nano-world, ring wave processes (animation, computer graphics), models of variations and structures of the nano-world demonstration of wave processes.

The text of the quotes of Confucius.

The General scheme of the structure and individual elements of the nano-world, demonstration of the linear oscillations of the nano-world (animation, computer graphics).

Demonstration of rotational motion, which generates electrons and resonant oscillations, resulting in the creation of the atomic nucleus (animation).


Reel №2

Diagram of the structure of the atom, the interaction between the elements of the kernel, the scheme of occurrence kernel (computer animation).

A computer model of the nucleus Zirconia, rotation and bending of the core.

The fission of a uranium (computer animation).

The attraction of a positively charged nucleus negative electrons, the formation of atoms of hydrogen and helium, the formation of electron shells in the form of calceranica, types of calceranica different numbers of electrons (computer animation).

The Assembly process of electronic mock model of the atom with two electronic shells (animation).

The change in the number of electronic shells, affecting the physical and chemical properties of the elements (computer animation).

View of part of the periodic table.

Text quotes E. On.

The layout of the active atom with a shell, which lacks electrons, the formation of a chlorine molecule-2 (animation).

Kozhevnikov models of chemical bonding between atoms and molecules using balls, Assembly layout the atomic structure of matter.

Electronic model of a cell, ice crystals, salt, diamond.

Model of the formation of carbon dioxide.

The layout of the parallel arrangement of electrons model for electronic surfaces.

Models of molecules of various substances constructed from rings.

Assembly of model DNA strands of the rings, models of protein structures.

Kushelev assemble DNA model, view part of the biochemical table model of the new protein compounds.

Text quotes of Genghis Khan.

Illustration of structures of various substances.

Pictures of children in the album.

Photo of people on a city street, cityscape.

The views of Earth from space.

Key words


Physics; Chemistry