New models of special vehicles ZIL for the Soviet Army.. (1963)

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The film tells about cross-country trucks and wheeled all-terrain vehicles developed at the Moscow Automobile Plant. Likhachev for the Soviet Army.

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Reel №1

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Ground wind is blowing.

A four-axle mock-up truck with enlarged profile tires, developed in the design bureau of the plant.

Likhachev during the winter tests at the test site.

A new truck and crawler tractors go to the distillery on the snow virgin land.

A new truck and crawler tractors are going to be distilled on the virgin snow.

Four-axle truck without elastic wheel suspension during off-road and cross-country testing.

The truck overcomes a steep slope.

A truck with a water cannon and a sealed body overcomes a swampy area of terrain.

The truck floats on the water with a water cannon.

Measuring the depth of a swampy swamp.

The three-axle car with ultra-low-pressure tires overcomes swampy areas and quicksand.

View of the first production four-axle high-terrain vehicle "ZIL-134".

The engine of the truck.

Truck wheels with large profile tires.

Adjust the tire air pressure from the cab.

"ZIL-134" is moving on a broken road at high speed.

The GAZ-69 passenger car overcomes road potholes at low speed.

Measuring the width of the trench.

"ZIL-134" overcomes a two-meter trench, the type of truck wheels.

"ZIL-134" overcomes a vertical wall with a height of one meter.

"ZIL-134" overcomes the ascent with a steepness of forty degrees.

"ZIL-134" is towing an anti-aircraft gun on off-road and wet ground.

Crossing a ford two meters deep.

The truck goes to the beach.

Measuring the depth of the bottom in an area with an overgrown swamp.

"ZIL-134" overcomes a swampy area.

The standard truck "ZIL-157" can not cope with the swampy area and gets stuck.

A skidding truck wheel.

Four-axle truck "ZIL-134" overcomes the road in a swampy area without stopping.

ZIL-157 tractors, towing trailers and anti-aircraft guns, drive at high speed over rough terrain.

Panorama of the winter forest.

A man makes his way through a forest blockage.

Three-axle snowmobile car "ZIL-167" moves through a forest blockage and small woodlands during factory tests.

Truck wheels moving over a tree stump.

The truck is driving on a snowy highway without the right front wheel.




Moscow region



Reel №2

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The forest during the spring thaw.

A stream of meltwater flows.

A person gets stuck with his feet in the soil saturated with moisture.

Four-axle truck "ZIL-134" overcomes the muddy road at high speed.

Off-road truck testing.

"ZIL-134" leaves on a flat road.

Springless tractor-all-terrain vehicle "ZIL-135B" with a trailer during off-road tests.

"ZIL-135B" slides off the bank into the water and swims along the river.

"ZIL-135B" goes ashore.

Tractor of the brand "ZIL-135L", designed for a rocket launcher.

Placement of the engine compartment of the tractor.

View of the middle wheels of the tractor.

"ZIL-135L" with a conventional cargo platform at the test site during sea trials.

Overcoming a steep climb.

The ZIL-135L chassis with the installed rocket armament overcomes the softened ground and off-road terrain.

Demonstration of the maneuverable capabilities of the car on the off-road.

"ZIL-135L" pulls out of the mud artillery tractor ATT.

Loose sand in the desert.

The movement of the "ZIL-135L" with the weapons installed on it in the desert.

Types of automatic launch rocket launcher on the ZIL-135K chassis.

Demonstration of the high cross-country capability of the adopted 2P-30 launch rocket launcher on the ZIL-135K chassis in various road conditions.

Overcoming a steep climb.

Types of coastal mobile rocket launcher on the chassis of the car "ZIL".

The installation is directed to the starting position.

Rocket launch test of an upgraded sample of the installation.

Bringing the container of the rocket launcher to the combat position.

Launch of the rocket.

Armored vehicles of the Soviet Army on parade on Red Square in Moscow.

Views of Red Square during the parade (top), rocket launchers on car chassis during the parade.




Moscow region



Parade on Red Square; Armament
World War II; History; Defense and internal security