Advanced technology and mechanization of warehouse operations. (1990)

Documentary №52085, 3 parts, duration: 0:24:00
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Belyakov L.


About a variety of interchangeable lifting devices to FLT.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A vase broke.

Collapse of the river bank.

Mud flow.

Houses are falling apart.

High water.

Volcanic eruption.

Lava flows.

Burning forests.

People are looking at the fire.

The plane takes off.

A freight train is traveling by rail.

The loader removes boxes with goods from the upper shelves of the warehouse.

Alternating frames with different types of cargo movement.

Loaders work on moving different loads.

Exhibition of shift-lifting devices for electric loaders of the Kholmsky Experimental Mechanical Plant.

A device designed to work with frozen meat.

A device for working with rolls of paper.

There is a rotation mechanism that allows you to grab the roll in any position.

Carriages for moving devices in the horizontal direction.

Side grips are designed to work with cotton and other bales.

End and sliding pin grips are used to move the barrels.

Claw grips for simultaneous movement of four bales of natural rubber.

Rotating pin nozzle.

Its purpose is to work with soft containers.

By reducing the length of the slings, it is possible to load containers into a covered wagon to full capacity.

Special forks with a set of pin attachments overload metal ingots of the widest range.

Pin devices and grippers are tilters for loading tires.

The use of replaceable loading devices greatly expands the scope of application of loaders, increases the rational use of storage facilities, reduces damage to containers and increases labor productivity.

Sugar on the conveyor.

Loading sugar into soft containers, vibration compacts the cargo.

The loader transports a soft container.

Key words

Attachments for the loader.

Locations: Sakhalin Region [802]


Kholmsky Experimental mechanical Plant.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Loading frozen meat into a refrigerator car.

A special device for working with frozen foods.

The pincer grip allows you to load frozen meat under the ceiling.

Scientists are working on the problem of long-term storage of frozen meat without loss of weight, taste and nutritional qualities.

One of the methods is the construction of an ice screen.

Stable hygrothermal regime and bringing the temperature in the storage to minus 20 degrees preserve the nutritional value of meat for two years and reduce natural losses during its storage by 4-5 times.

Cutting meat in production.

The meat is stored in a butchered form, packed in special films.

Loading, thus packed meat into a refrigerator car.

The transportation of packaged meat reduces the required number of refrigerated wagons by half.

The efficiency of using expensive cold storage facilities is increasing.

The contents of this tin can have been preserved in excellent quality for 75 years in permafrost.

Science can now reliably establish the shelf life, determine the regime and conditions under which the original qualities of the product are fully preserved.

The tasting commission determines the quality of the product after storage.

A cartoon showing a modern warehouse system.

A loader moves cargo around a modern warehouse.

Constant laboratory control guarantees high-quality safety of goods and materials.

Ventilation device.

Storage of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, some types of raw materials requires, due to the complex physical and chemical processes occurring in them, scientifically based control and forecasting.

Preservative lubricants protect the cargo from corrosion during storage and transportation.

The metal processed in a certain way can be stored outdoors for a long time in full readiness for work.

Pipes in open storage areas.

Bridge type crane with magnetic grips.

Key words

Frozen meat.
Storage of metals.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Storage tanks for liquid food products and light petroleum products.

Technical operation of the tank farm requires increased attention.

Tanks, pipelines and shut-off devices wear out, are exposed to atmospheric and soil corrosion, which can lead to depressurization and leakage of petroleum products.

A set of engineering and technical measures has been developed and implemented to monitor the condition of the tank farm and extend its service life.

The special polymer coatings of the surface of metal structures proposed by the Research Institute not only protect them from corrosion, but also protect liquid products from contamination.

To reduce the losses of easily evaporated liquids, gas equalization systems with a gas tank are used.

A cartoon explaining the operation of the gas tank.

A system for monitoring the safety of liquid products has been developed on the basis of microprocessor technology.

The seashore.

Fishing seiner near the pier.

The line for the production of canned fish.

Development of new packaging materials for fish.

The effectiveness of protective coatings for metal containers.

Increasing the strength of the can and reducing its metal consumption.

Creation of new packaging lines and polymer films for packaging large volumes of cargo.

Canned fish.

Packaging of cans in film.

Packaging in film helps to load the warehouse and transport more efficiently.

Repetition of frames from the beginning of the movie.

Reverse shooting of the broken jug.

Key words

Storage of liquid products.
Canned fish.

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