Only the world.. (1993)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Vitchinkin V.


Ecological problem - the main theme of the film.


Reel №1

Flocks of crows circling above the dump.

Three men are standing next to a dump truck.

Dump trucks dump garbage.

Elderly woman wanders through the dump with a bag and a stick by flying pigeons.

People stand on the rubbish heap, fly around the huge flocks of crows and pigeons.

Newborn babies in cribs in the hospital.

Clear sunny day, heavy traffic on the streets of the various districts of the city, the industrial landscape.

A lot of cars on the streets, the exhaust gases.

On the street playing quintet.

Podmoskovnaya birch grove, Forest Park Elk Island.

The alley is a woman with a child, an old woman sitting on a bench.

A group of children, faces close up.

Fallen tree in the forest, near the broken furniture.

Construction waste in the park.

Metal garages among the trees, lying next to a broken machine parts and other debris.

Wooden holey fence enclosing the skeletons of greenhouses.

Construction waste.

For grid dogs bark.

Broken tree, a bench in the meadow.

Woman with child deleted birch alley.

Moscow River, foam trail in the water, on the horizon multi-storey buildings.

Construction equipment on the river, debris in the water.

Abandoned pier.

Sewage dumps dirty water into the river.

A small marina with port cranes and warehouses on the shore.

Facilities on the opposite bank of the river, shooting with water.

Floating down the river tug.

Petrol on water film.

A newborn baby in the chamber livelihoods.

The doctor monitors the health of the child and work equipment.

Analytical laboratory of the Moscow City Committee for Nature Protection; on racks set of samples, scientists have conducted tests and record the results.

From under the bridge leaves the machine with a trailer, a mobile laboratory to determine air pollution.

Smoke a pipe.

Machine Laboratory stops in a vacant lot next to the plant.

Various parts of imported research equipment for rapid analysis.

Laboratory staff prepare equipment for work, conduct tests, and enter the data into the computer.

Austria, Vienna, view of the city and the Danube Canal.

Cars driving on a narrow street, people cross the road (shooting from the car).

Monument to Maria Theresa, Archduchess of Austria.

On the square in front of the monument large group of people with umbrellas.

Palace next to the monument, curly cropped bushes and trees.

Festive New Year's facilities on the area, the distance is the cathedral.


Stephen's Cathedral.

Vienna Drama Theatre.

Driving on the streets (shot from inside the car).

Tanks for different types of garbage.

The driver behind the wheel, the car follows the truck-garbage truck.

Trucks arrive at the incinerator and unload garbage.

Pipe plant, equipped with special filters to clean smoke.

Truck on the background of one of the walls of the plant.

Housing and the roof of the plant.


Moscow region



Reel №2

Vienna complex waste processing "Shpitelyau."

The interior of the complex, employees work on computers.

Camera for waste incineration, the operator at the control panel.

Premises power plants running on heat produced in the combustion process.

Plant "Abfall Sortieranlabb Asteb", the wall parked cars.

The interior of the plant, sorting garbage.

Remote control.

Compact briquettes from waste sorted.

Warehouse briquettes.

The truck leaves the factory building.

Plant "Tyrolux recycling".

Two men walk into the door.

Warehouse of used fluorescent lamps.

Workers dismantle the lamp parts using a special apparatus.

Remote control.

Warehouse fluorescent lamps.

Different types of garbage processing plants.

Metallurgical Plant, Foundry.

People in the lab working on the computer.

The building and the pipe factory.

Pellets (waste processed for return to production).

Coke production: burning coal moves along the rails on the narrow open platform, diesel pushes it ahead of myself.

Overview factories concern "Voest-Alpine", a top view.

Austria, Linz.

Electronic scoreboard, with which you can get acquainted with the environmental situation in all areas of the city.


Traffic, militiaman watching traffic.

Policeman checks on exhaust emissions taxis and other vehicles, the offender removed the license plate.

Laboratory monitoring of ambient air.

Of the Laboratory conducts environmental monitoring.

People working at the computer.

Above the snow dump circling flocks of crows.

Child considers through magnifying glass mark on the album.

Postage stamps of the USSR devoted to environmental protection.

A series of drawings of Moscow late XIX - early XX century with the image of the main attractions of the capital.