Pictures of England. (1976)

Documentary №52141, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:48
Director:Morozova A.
Screenwriters:Kirillova E., Halturin G.
Camera operators:Verblovskij N.


Educational film in English, designed for university students. By order of the Central lab out "Soyuzvuzfilm" the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

International Friendship Club.

View of the top class.

In the class of burning candles, the students sing a song.

The inscription "Here, speak only in English," a number of lighted candles.

The girl opens a traditional occupation on Fridays.

Portraits on the wall, burning candles.

Photo from the name of the club.

Vice-president of the club is I.P.Fedorova Rapporteur.

Those girls.

A young man sits down, gets up I.P.Fedorov.

Foreword I.P.Fedorova.

The girl asks. I.P.Fedorov explains the differences in England and the United Kingdom as an example map.

Animation: territorial division of the UK.

Animation: photos borders. I.P.Fedorov answers the students' questions.

Vice-president of the club includes a film projector.

Airplane on the airfield, a plane taking off in the air.

Panorama Heathrow Airport.

The landing of the aircraft.

The aircraft in the sky.

View of the parking lot.

People in the hall of the airport (top view).

People walking down the stairs.

From the bus leaves the airport building.

Vehicles on the bridge.

General view of the Tower Bridge.

Vehicles on the bridge in the background Big Ben (Clock Tower, aka Elizabeth Tower).

Big Ben up close.

Trafalgar Square.

Past Square bus rides.

Guard Detachment (shot from the cabin of the bus).

Guards go on the main road.

City streets.

The girl asks. I.P.Fedorov suited to the map.

The man shows on a map of the city, visited their tour group.

Question student.

I.P.Fedorov begins the story of the city of Preston.


Animation: Street in Preston, a town on the map.

Car Concern "Leyland Motors" (now the "British Leyland Motor Corporation Ltd", BLMC).

Past the traffic passes.

Factory workers.

Management of the plant in the shop.

Car engine.

BLMC production decker buses in the parking lot.


The city streets, transportation, and residents of Preston.


Animation: Photo, Liverpool on the map.

Photos Liverpool businesses and roads.

Animation: Cars on the ferry, Coventry on the map.

Cars on the ferry.

Parking Coventry.


Animation: Photo, Sheffield on the map.

Photos Sheffield plants.

Agricultural area of ​​Sheffield, a panorama of fields.

In the fields of grazing flocks.

A young man sits on a hill.

Cows behind the fence.

The fence is equipped with electroshepherd.

Herd of cows.

View of the field.

Agricultural machinery.

Stocks of hay in the yard.


Animation: the river is a boat, Newcastle on the map.

Workers dockers.

Cargo ships at berth.

Repair of the ship.

A group of people in the dock.

View from the promenade at the water, ships at berth, port cranes. I.P.Fedorov student answers the question.

Locations: England [67] Russia [1]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Gulls on the bridge railing.

View from the bridge to the city fog.

Shipping on the Thames. "RRS Discovery", the royal research sailing vessel, a member of the British Antarctic Expedition of 1901-1904.


View of the Tower Bridge from the promenade.

Adults and children are on the waterfront, a child climbs on the gun.

Antique guns before fortification.

View of the Tower Bridge.


The movement of the bridge (shooting from the car).

Streets of London.

Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square.

Lion at the foot of the column.

View on Trafalgar Square from above.


People feeding pigeons in the square.

London residents walk their dogs.

Woman talking to the police.

A general view of the area.

The jets of a fountain.

Traffic on Piccadilly.


Outdoor exhibition of artists.

People view work.


People feed the ducks at the pond in the park.

Alternating: the riders for a walk on the edge of the park ride cars.

People sit on benches, walk along the park paths. I.P.Fedorov sends people to a film with recordings from the London Zoo.

A child with a cocktail.

Deer on a watering place.

Photos overs I.P.Fedorov talks about the zoo. I.P.Fedorov.

Students in the class.

Flags on the building.

Sunday trading in the streets, buyers and sellers.

A street musician playing guitar.

Free speech in Hyde Park, people listen to an old man. I.P.Fedorov talks about the speeches and protests.

Ireland, on the road riding a military vehicle.

Road signs on the wall.

The car rides on the street.

Military vehicle on a country road.

The view from the cockpit of the car.

The car rides customs office.

The officer signals.

The man opens the book.


Members of the club.

The monument in the gardens of Queen Victoria in front of Buckingham Palace.

View of the monument from the gate.

Decoration on the gate.

Photos, behind the scenes story of the palace I.P.Fedorova. I.P.Fedorov student answers a question about the features of the royal government and the political system.

Model ship. I.P.Fedorov.

Those listeners.

Photos, story of the British Parliament, and some of the sights City, the oldest part of London.

Fleet Street, the center of the British press.

Equestrian monument in front of the "Daily Mirror".


People eat at the cafe.

Market fruits and vegetables from other countries.


Locations: England [67] Ireland [107] Russia [1]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Alternation: I.P.Fedorov tells of the British currency, answering students' questions, the vice-president of the club decompresses spool of film.

Alternation: photographs of streets and the London Underground, the frames of the road.

I.P.Fedorov talks about the London transport system, traffic and congestion.

Turns projector.

Alternation: photos, people are moving pictures and photocopies of documents.

Behind-the-scenes story of the sounds K.G.Markse, Vladimir Lenin, foreign life and work of revolutionaries. I.P.Fedorov tells about one of the alias Lenin (Jacob Richter) and responds to questions from the students.

Photos, story of Cambridge and Oskforde.

Personnel chronicles the beginning-middle of XX century: the students on a park alley.

The area student university campus in Sussex.

Students talk with the teacher.

Students in the classroom.

Photo. I.P.Fedorov tells of London dating. I.P.Fedorov gives students the pictures.

Continuation of the story.

Young people looking at the photos.

Photos of people in the national Scottish costumes.

The man playing the bagpipes.

Behind the scenes I.P.Fedorov says about Scottish culture.

Natural scenery.

Types of Edinburgh.

Monuments of history and architecture in frames of film and photos.

Plant for the production of whiskey.

The streets of Edinburgh.

Those children.

Football match at the stadium.

Those viewers.

Roofs of houses in Edinburgh.

Photos, story about the village of Alloway, the birthplace of R. Burns.

The house-museum of the poet.

People come to the house.

Rooms house museum exhibits. I.P.Fedorov.

Natural landscape in the vicinity of Dublin.

Birthplace D.B.Shou.

The upper part of the gate.

Blooming garden.

The house of the writer in Hertfordshire.

Portrait of the writer.


The rooms of the museum.

Blooming garden.

Portraits of William Shakespeare and D.B.Shou.

Photos, behind the scenes story of the sounds Stratford-upon-Avon, William Shakespeare and his work.

I.P.Fedorov finishes the story and thanked the audience.


Residents on the streets of England.

View of London from above.

Tower Bridge.

Locations: England [67] Ireland [107] Scotland [193] Russia [1]

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