The role of computers in today's society.. (1987)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
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Director: Sarahatunova I.

Script writers: Demidovich S.

Operators: Moskalev S.


Educational film on the program "Informatics".

Educational films | Education

Reel №1

Glider in the air.

Alternation: exhibition of unusual mechanical devices, marine life.


Students drive the layout.

People working at the computer.

Animation: the accumulation and socialization of knowledge of mankind, the kaleidoscope of the schemes, prints, drawings, photographs.

The frames of the film "12 Chairs" (1971, directed by L.I.Gayday).

The camera passes between library shelves.

Librarian at the table.

Working with the card index.

Computer (look through glass cube).

People work in the halls of the library computer.

Drawing on the computer.

Work on recording equipment.

Computer operator, the formula on the glass.

The animation on the display.

Electronic office.

Dissolve: computer operators, geometric shapes.

The man inserts a floppy disk into the computer.

The frames of the film "12 chairs".

Man controls the computer mouse.

Animation: Computer Management.

Operators working on the computer.

Animation: the selection of computer files.

People in offices.

Animation: deleting unnecessary files.

The operator edits the file.

Operators of computers.

Frames of film involving Ch.S.Chaplina.

A modeling language.

Frames of film involving Ch.S.Chaplina.

Operators of computers in offices, recording equipment.

Conveyor production of various components and systems.


Krachkovskaya NL - Film and stage actress, Honored Artist of Russia.
Chaplin CS - American and British actor, writer, director, producer, composer.

Reel №2

Research using a computer.

The data on the display.

Architect draws a line on paper.



Computer Modelling.

Computer's operator.

Recording equipment.

An example of the use of computer systems in the workplace canteens.

A man removes the floppy disk on a shelf.

Frames of film involving Ch.S.Chaplina.

Alternation: an example of using a computer to record music, people dancing style robot.

Expert systems.

Athletes on the cycle track.

Dissolve: cyclist formula.

Animation: a model of an expert system, formulation and solution of problems.

Scientists ponder over the decision by the board.

The bell rings, the students run into classes.

Students in the classroom.

Children playing video games.

A man writes on a computer voice.

Create a cartoon.

Children playing video games.

Adults and children in the classroom at the International Computer Club "Commonwealth".


Chaplin CS